BREAKING NEWS: Special Counsel For Hillary’s Russian Lawyer?

Special Counsel called for Obama & Hillary who hired Russian lawyer to frame Trump Presidency in an entrapment scheme so Obama could get a false FISA wiretap order.

None of the so-called evidence that has surfaced so far about Russia or the Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya points to any wrongdoing by President Trump or his son.

In fact, the evidence all points the other direction: At Crooked Hillary, Obama and the Democrats!

This entire Russian debacle was in fact a criminal conspiracy carried out by Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, the DNC and some very shady Russian operatives.

So our network of patriot activists is calling on the House Judiciary Committee to appoint a NEW special counsel to investigate the conspiracy hatched by Crooked Hillary and Obama which produced false information to smear candidate Trump in 2016.

The Republicans in Congress have not struck back against the false allegations against President Trump in any way.

Doesn’t that make you sick?

Here is how the conspiracy against Trump was carried out.

Democrat dirty tricksters at a company called Fusion GPS put together the fake Russian ‘dossier’ against President Trump in 2016.

That was the dossier that involved Russian hookers that has been completely and totally debunked.

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Then, Fusion GPS leaked that dossier to Senator John McCain because they knew he was the only Republican dumb enough to leak the dossier… which McCain finally admitted that is EXACTLY what he did.

Remember that name, Fusion GPS, because it will come up again in a moment.

Next step… A Russian lawyer named Natalia Veselnitskaya was not going to be allowed into America – and proof shows she is on the Democrats payroll.

This Russian lawyer is so shady that even the Obama State Department under John Kerry would not let her into the country.

And remember, under Obama the federal government was letting in KNOWN Muslim terrorists on visas.

So how shady, crooked and dangerous did Natalia Veselnitskaya have to be to get DENIED a visa?

But, it turns out that former Attorney General Loretta Lynch personally granted this Democrat-hired Russian lawyer an “immigration parole.”

Granting “immigration parole” is extremely out of the ordinary when a visa has been denied, getting this requires deep political connections.

This Russian lawyer was allowed to bypass the usual visa process with special permission from the Loretta “Let ‘em Loose” Lynch’s Justice Department.

And NOW… listen to this…

The Daily Caller says the Russian Lawyer had been working on a case with Fusion GPS for several years – the same Fusion GPS that put together the fake Russian dossier.

So the Russian lawyer called for a meeting with Donald Trump, Jr. claiming to have information that would smear Crooked Hillary and, thus, help with the election of his father.

Donald, Jr. then met with the Russian lawyer, which is perfectly legal and as it turned out she had no information whatsoever… she actually tried to change the topic to discuss completely unconnected issues at which point Donald Jr. terminated the meeting.

But her job was already done at that point.

The real purpose of the meeting was to put a suspicious Russian national in the room with a member of Trump’s inner circle.

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That allowed former FBI Director James Comey, who I believe has been working on behalf of the Clintons all along, to get a FISA warrant to wiretap Trump Tower and spy on the entire Trump family.

The whole thing was a dirty politics setup by the Clinton campaign, the DNC and the Obama administration when they realized that Donald Trump might win by a landslide in a fair election.

None of these facts point to any wrongdoing by President Trump or his team – especially not his son.

The facts all point to a criminal conspiracy between the Clinton Campaign, the DNC, the Obama administration and some very shady Russians who don’t appear to have any connection to the Russian government.
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  1. Richard L Wittauer

    On Jul 16, 2017

    You have to get a Special Counsel called for Obama & Hillary who hired Russian lawyer to frame Trump Presidency in an entrapment scheme so Obama could get a false FISA wiretap order.

    Our country is at great risk with Obama, Hillary Clinton, and George Soro’s trying to bring their own agenda to America.