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Get Our Troops Out Of Obama's Religious War - Fax Congress Today!

Obama Planning Permanent
Base In Afghanistan!
He Must Be Stopped

Obama is planning to set up a permanent military base in Afghanistan and leave American troops on rotation there forever.

Rather than fighting the War on Terror, Obama chose to insert the US into the centuries-old religious war between Sunni and Shiite Muslims and now he wants to send American soldiers into that conflict for decades to come.

2,292 Americans have been killed in Afghanistan (two-thirds were killed after Obama was put in charge) and another 19,415 have been grievously wounded.

Now Obama wants to keep sending American boys off to die in HIS religious war that has nothing to do with America.

Charles Benninghoff, FounderCharles Benninghoff, Founder
We have to stop him!

Please send FaxGrams to the Armed Services Committees in the House and Senate today! Tell them to stop Obama's plan for a permanent U.S. base in Afghanistan!

The entire purpose of the war in Afghanistan was to defeat the Taliban and Al Qaeda. We drove the Taliban out of power and Al Qaeda has moved elsewhere - so why are we still there?

Obama's response is to set up a permanent base with up to 15,000 Americans stationed there.

We will continue to lose American lives as long as Obama keeps sending our boys off to fight his religious war.

Obama wants to do this at a time when our senior citizens are going broke, because he is paying for his religious war out of the Social Security fund.

Illegal aliens can automatically apply for $50,000 in Social Security and other benefits when they set foot on American soil. But our own seniors who paid into the system are going broke so that Obama can get American troops killed in the Sunni-Shiite conflict.

This endless war is really a war against America. He's trying to launch a war with Iran right now on behalf of Saudi Arabia, just as he tried to do with Syria.

Obama has given billions of dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood - an Al Qaeda affiliate - and has supported the Sunni Muslims in nearly every conflict around the globe.

We must not allow him to continue to get American troops killed, just so Obama can please his overlords in the Wahabi Sunni clan that runs Saudi Arabia.

Fax Congress today and tell them to bring our troops home from Afghanistan! Obama cannot set up a permanent base in that country!

Obama has weakened and undermined the military's morale and capabilities to the point where we now only have two combat-ready brigades in the Army.

A permanent duty station in Afghanistan that will suffer casualties from suicide bombers for years to come, will only make things worse.

Proverbs 29:2 teaches us that the people rejoice when the righteous are in charge, and that the people mourn when the wicked rule over us.

Your help is needed if we are going to overcome Obama's evil war against America. We must be strong in faith (Rom. 4:20) and stand up to Obama and his Wahabi Sunni masters and say NO MORE!

We must refuse to continue to allow our troops to die for a religious war that has nothing to do with America.

We must put a stop to Obama's wicked war against America and bring our troops home. Fax Congress today and tell them to put a stop to Obama's permanent base in Afghanistan!

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Charles Benninghoff, Founder
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Buck McKeon
2310 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515

Dear Chairman McKeon:

Obama wants to set up a permanent military base in Afghanistan. You have to stop him!

This won't be like our bases in Korea, Germany or Japan. We will continue to lose American soldiers to suicide bombers for years to come if we set up a permanent base there.

We drove the Taliban out of power there and Al Qaeda has moved elsewhere. It's time to bring the troops home. According to the latest polls, 72 percent of Americans want our soldiers out of Afghanistan. The lives have 2,292 soldiers have ended there and another 19,415 have been seriously wounded.

This is an endless religious war that has nothing to do with America. Our senior citizens are going broke right now because Obama is spending Social Security to pay for these wars.

Please, stop this insane plan to open a permanent base in Afghanistan. Bring our troops home!

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