Call for Peace in Ukraine

By: Charles Benninghoff, Founder

02/22/2014   The scenes of violence in Ukraine are truly heartbreaking to watch. The Yanukovyich dictatorship in Ukraine has been shooting unarmed civilians in the streets as they are protesting their government.

Earlier this week, police using sniper rifles and automatic weapons shot dozens of civilians on the streets of Kiev. Pray For Us is calling for an end to the violence. Even though things are peaceful now, violence could break out again at any moment.

You can send a message to Tea Party conservative leaders in the House and Senate at no charge by using this Conservative Coupon Code: AEBF. We’re sending a message to our leaders to support and pass a Resolution in support of peace in Ukraine.

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Here in America, we enjoy the right to petition our government for a redress of grievances under the First Amendment. Unfortunately, the government of Ukraine is not respecting this basic human right for its citizenry. The people of Ukraine deserve the freedoms that they are asking for from their government.

We spoke to a resident of Kiev on Friday who told us that the situation there is very fragile right now. If violence breaks out again, it could easily plunge Ukraine into a full-blown civil war.

Please pray for a peaceful resolution to the conflict. The people there are fighting for freedom from the chains of the dictatorship they have been living under.

Once again, you can use this Conservative Coupon Code to contact our list of Representatives and Senators who we are asking to pass a Resolution in Support of Peace in Ukraine:  AEBF

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You can also help by sending this link to as many of your family members, friends and acquaintances as you can. Let them know there’s no charge for it:

Call for Peace in Ukraine

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