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Call For Submissions

Call For Submissions

Pray For US – Pray For The United States is now accepting submissions from our Christian followers for publication here on We will consider any articles, blog posts, essays, prayers and poems for publication, so long as they meet our editorial guidelines below.

Pray For US reserves the right to distribute submissions on this website; we also reserve the right to publish excerpts in email newsletters and to read or share portions of submitted pieces with our listeners on the Pray For US radio program on KCAA AM 1050.

Editorial Guidelines

Pray For US is an online outreach Christian church. All submissions must have a Biblical underpinning and reflect the Judeo-Christian heritage that America was founded upon. We are interested in pieces that analyze the political and cultural landscape of the United States from a Biblical worldview and which are related to the US Constitution and modern American life.

We are especially interested in pieces which lay out a plan of action for the Body of Christ to impact the culture of the United States in a positive way, whether that is through strengthening the family, strengthening and protecting the church, or petitioning the government for a redress of grievances. That being said, submissions related to any aspect of the Christian faith will still be considered for publication.

All works must be original and unpublished.

All submissions will be edited to correct typographical or grammatical errors prior to publication (NOTE: It is very helpful if you do this yourself, prior to submitting your work). Pray For US reserves the right to edit submissions for length or content prior to publication – but please be assured that we do this sparingly, because we support the free speech rights of all Americans!

Submission Length: 300-800 words for articles, essays and blog posts; for poetry and prayers, length may vary.

Payment: Unfortunately we cannot pay for publication of submitted works at this time.

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