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Pray For US Catechism

Raising Children In A Godless World Through Catechism

Raising Children In A Godless World Through Catechism

While Pray For US – Pray For the United States is not a Catholic organization, we do divinely support our Catholic brothers and sisters and we, like they, believe in catechism as many historical Reformed Protestant churches have and still do.

FOR THIS PURPOSE, a catechism is simply a body of fundamental principles or beliefs.  Historically, a catechism (from κατηχέω, to teach orally), is a summary or exposition of doctrine and served as a learning introduction to the Sacraments traditionally used in catechesis, or Christian religious teaching of children and adult converts, from New Testament times to the present.

Reciting your catechism from Pray For US can create in you a powerful tool with which you can resist the secular trash and detritus heaped upon Christians out of jealousy and fear on the part of God-hating enemies of the Body of Christ.  Say your catechism often and loudly and you will see how God’s word will strengthen your will, deepen your resolve and give you the strength to carry on for your Lord.

While some say that reciting catechism alone is sufficient, whenever you can try to join other Believers, each citing loudly one stanza, then the next, and the next, etc.

Now, recite, in loud and joyous prayerful form, the following core fundamental beliefs we hold here at Pray for US – Pray for the United States:

1.   Dear Lord, we come before you today to pray for the 56 million children who have been executed in the abortion factories across America.  This is indeed a grievous sin.

2.     We pray for homosexuals who are being executed by Muslims, that living homosexuals come to Christ and be redeemed and such murderous Muslims quit wantonly killing people.

3.   We pray for Americans to resist the laws now being put on the books to control your God-given right to defend yourself which is now found in our 2nd Amendment.

4.   We pray for the retention of our inalienable right to freedom of speech, that the politically correct thought police be torn asunder to let freedom reign.

5.   We pray for the lost loons of the left who have replaced God the Redeemer with false religions such as worship of global warming, icon-worship of Trayvon Martin and worship of tyrants like Hitler, Stalin, Obama, Pol Pot and Mao.

6.   Lord, we pray that Americans remember that our Constitution, written by faithful Christians and inspired by Your Word, was designed by our Founding Fathers to brake government action.

7.   We pray that if Obama or any other leader tries to circumvent our Constitution, he be rendered dumb.

8.   As God has given us our self-defense rights, we pray for the defeat of every gun-grabbing socialist at the ballot box, regardless of whether they are a Democrat or a Republican.

9.   We pray for the total repeal of Obamacare, so that Christians will not be forced to fund abortions and death panels.

10.   And Lord, we pray for the Christians around the world who are being persecuted by Muslims.

11.   We pray for Your protection, Your peace and Your healing on these Christians and their families at this time, and pray that Your glorious Gospel will go out through the entire world, so that men and women, boys and girls everywhere would know the Good News: That a risen savior died for the remission of sins, and one day He will conquer the entire earth.

12.   We pray for the thousands of our military veterans who have been inveigled by the devil to take their own lives after seeing military missions reviled, and their country and flag desecrated by lawless leadership in the White House.

13.   We pray for a nation that values illegal aliens more than its own veterans.

14.   We pray that Muslims worldwide read their own holy book – the Koran – where at Surah 19 entitled Myriam (or Mary) it is stated that Jesus was born of a virgin Mary as a direct act of God.

15.   We pray for our government workers and for the police that they may see that the manifold anti-Christian and anti-freedom forces at work inside our government are the works of the devil, not the forces of good, and that we all – as a nation – must stand up against these forces and beat them down as David so beautifully sang in Psalm 139.

16.    We thank you, oh Lord, for the many government workers who have blown the whistle numerous times on Obama’s hoodlums.

17.   We pray for the American people who have turned away from you, Dear God, and now favor the works of the devil in their daily life.

18.   We pray for the cure of the obese in our land, for the employment of those seeking work, for the return to us of the dignity of our families, our traditional marriages and the time-honored traditions such as our government treating each of us the same in fairness and with justice.

18.   We pray for the reunification of our Three – F’s: Family, Faith and Flag.  For as a child first learns that family is there to support him, that the mother and father are there to give him something to believe in, and that this belief grows into a Godly acknowledgement of the Almighty, which in turn – before the current regime – gave him a belief that government is something he could honor.

19.   We do so pray dear Lord,  Amen

Go now armed knowing God is with your every breath and that we, here, at Pray for US – Pray for the United States are at your call if needed.


You can read the Pray For US “Statement of Faith” HERE.


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