Charles Benninghoff: Abolish & Audit Federal Reserve Bank Fed War Footing

Charles Benninghoff: Declaration of war on the Federal Reserve FED Bank because it is eliminating my right to use cash even as worldwide globalists are working for the same result so they can force you to use THEIR credit system or starve. Loyal to no nation, the vampire banks will crush American freedom to consolidate their power over you unless we demand that Congress reassert its Constitutional power to coin currency! You can take control of your future by speaking out at our Action Page at and demanding that Congress defund and audit the Federal Reserve FED Bank!

Globalist bankers – led by our own Federal Reserve FED Bank – have declared war on YOU… yes… YOU!

These internationalist vampire banks – which are loyal to no one but themselves – are declaring a financial war on the people as their credit system falls apart like the proverbial “house of cards.”

Globalists like George Soros will be literally laughing all the way to the bank if these international banking criminals succeed in their next goal, which is to eliminate ALL CASH.

We have real-world examples of this happening already in other countries and I’ll take a look at those today.

You still have a voice and you have the power to use it to put pressure on our elected Representatives and Senators to stop this globalist plot to destroy freedom as we know it!

Why will it destroy our freedom? Without cash, the government sadists who have forced abortion on our taxpayers, sent machine guns to kill Mexicans and started the war in Syria and Libya are the same sadists who will track down your every financial transaction and if they don’t like what you’re buying you’ll end up in the hoosegow.

We need to tell Congress to reassert its authority as THE entity in the United States that is constitutionally authorized to “coin money and regulate the value thereof.”

The Fed does not legally have this right. It has usurped this right from decades of Congressional lack of proper oversight.

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Part of the problem is also that interest rates have been at or near zero for years now.

This was done by the Federal Reserve, otherwise known as “the fed.”

This is an inter-generational rip-off because seniors’ hard-earned bank deposits are earning nothing even while Wall Street is borrowing their money at practically zero interest and gambling away the future of America in the coming stock market crash that is surely on its way.

With interest rates at zero percent for so many years in a row, the globalist banks have run out of room to cut any further without imposing negative interest rates.

Under negative deposit rates, you would lose money to the bank just by depositing your paycheck in the bank.

Plus, the fed can and intends to begin to tax your cash deposits every year as just another way to raise money so the government employees can continue to get their fat cat salaries, perks and vacations.

Bloomberg News quotes the head of Citibank saying that it’s time to abolish cash altogether.

If there is no cash in the economy then you have to use the banks for all of your financial transactions and then, of course, they can impose negative interest rates when you’re FORCED to use the banks and cash-holding taxes I just described.

These soulless financial institutions want your money or your blood.

They want to impose negative interest rates to force you to risk your money in the stock market or in derivatives or any of their other credit schemes to prop THEM up.

The politicians want to tax your bank deposits to pay for more illegal aliens and their own perks.

Where does this end?

Here’s where: the fed can’t impose negative interest rates unless they first BAN CASH.

We have to speak out and tell Congress to reassert its authority as THE power in the United States that can coin money.

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You can do that from our Action Page today.

Speak out and demand that Congress stop the globalist bankers!

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