Charles Benninghoff: About That Clinton FBI Perjury Investigation

What happened with Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz’ (R-UT) promise to refer a criminal complaint to the FBI for Hillary Clinton perjury under oath? Patriots must demand an update from Congress on the status of the Hillary Clinton perjury investigation!

Criminal investigations don’t go away simply because of a presidential election… and yet it’s been nine months since the House Oversight Committee supposedly sent a referral to the FBI for a criminal perjury investigation.

Now that Hillary Clinton has emerged from hibernation to start campaigning for the 2020 election, as reported by the Daily Caller, I think the public has a right to know about this criminal investigation.

House Speaker Paul Ryan’s Obamacare bailout bill, which would have propped up Obamacare for years to come, went down in defeat because the American people spoke out 50-to-1 against that bill.

Now the Republicans are going back to the drawing board and writing a REAL repeal bill.

FBI Director James Comey let Hillary Clinton off the hook on espionage charges for housing an off-the-books secret email server in her bathroom closet, even though the New York Times reported that her server was probably hacked by multiple foreign countries.

As reported in the Washington Post and as stated by FBI Director Comey when he was letting her off the hook in July of 2016, there were in fact 104 classified emails found on Hillary Clinton’s server including 22 that were ‘Top Secret.’

That’s not even counting the 33,000 emails that she erased with Bleachbit – a deep electronic file erasure program the use of which clearly shows criminal intent in this instance.

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I’m not an FBI agent, but it seems like this should have been the fastest investigation in FBI history.

She lied on camera in front of the entire world on televised hearings. You saw it for yourself.

Yet there have been no charges filed against Hillary Clinton.

Was that just another show for the cameras in an election year, or did the Oversight Committee actually forward a referral to the FBI for investigation as Chaffetz clearly promised to do?

We have nothing but unanswered questions on a matter that should have been resolved months ago.

Frankly, it should have been resolved before the election last year.

And yet we hear nothing but the sound of crickets from Congress.

So here is how you can help.

Go to our Action Page today and start sending Personal Letters to Congress.

Demand answers to all of these questions.

What happened to the investigation?

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Why hasn’t Hillary Clinton been charged with lying under oath to Congress, otherwise known as perjury?

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