Charles Benninghoff: America First Defund United Nations Islamic Supremacy Group

The Muslim-dominated United Nations thugocracy spends more than half its time harassing Israel, while the American taxpayers foot the bill for it. Patriots must demand a vote on HR 249 to completely defund the UN at Cut UN funding NOW and turn the UN Headquarters in New York into a brand new parking lot!

There is a groundswell of new support calling for America to pull out of the United Nations completely and to defund this worthless and unproductive quasi-world government entity that has become, sadly, a proponent for Islamic supremacy.

The Obama administration stabbed Israel in the back over the holidays by abstaining from a crucial vote at the U.N.

And rather than following the will of the American people — by following through and defunding the UN — the GOP leadership in the House and Senate is now pushing a Democrat-sponsored resolution to do nothing more than criticize the UN.

We need your help to convince Congress to support and pass HR 249, a bill to completely defund the United Nations and all UN agencies.

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First, let’s talk about the stunt that Obama pulled over Christmas.

The United Nations voted on UN Resolution 2334 in late December.

The Obama administration abstained from voting on this resolution, instead of using America’s veto power on the UN Security Council.

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This was the first time in history that an American administration chose not to support Israel’s right to sovereignty at the United Nations.

No other president, including Jimmy Carter and Slick Willie, has ever openly sided with the Palestinians who are nothing more than a terrorist group.

This resolution demands that Israel must immediately and completely cease all settlement activities in the occupied territory that Israel legitimately captured when the Muslim world ATTACKED Israel during the Arab-Israeli War of 1967 called the Six Day War.

The UN Resolution censures Israel and declares it to be in violation of international law for building settlements in territory which it has owned for 50 years.

Defunding the United Nations has been a popular idea with conservatives for decades.

America sends so much money to the UN and its various agencies that no one can even give us an exact figure.

It is estimated that the American taxpayers now pony up more than $8 billion per year to the UN.

We give more money to the UN than 175 other member nations COMBINED!

And for what?

So the UN can send peacekeepers into Third World countries and exploit starving women and orphans?

And so the UN can continue pushing its own brand of Islamic globalism on on the United States and Israel?

It’s time to defund the UN but unfortunately, the GOP leadership is now backing a resolution that condemns UN Resolution 2334.

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House Resolution 249 prohibits any of your tax dollars being given to the UN or any of its agencies as voluntary contributions from any federal agency or the State Department.

That might not completely defund the UN but it will certainly gut most of its core programs which rely on voluntary contributions from America.

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