Charles Benninghoff: America Needs Texas’ Sanctuary City Ban

America needs a federal version of Texas’ sanctuary city ban so globalist police chiefs & sheriffs who harbor illegal alien felons can be booted from office!

The state legislature in Texas passed a bill to ban sanctuary cities and Governor Greg Abbott signed it into law on May 7th.

This is a bill that I have actually been calling on Congress to pass at the federal level and now we have a state model that proves it can be done.

Today I’ll tell you all about Senate Bill 4, the Texas sanctuary city ban.

Here is what the Texas Sanctuary City ban does.

Sanctuary jurisdictions will be fined $25,500 per day for every day that federal immigration laws are not enforced.

Plus, no federal law enforcement grants will be disbursed by the state to a sanctuary jurisdiction.

Any elected or appointed official who enacts a sanctuary policy will be booted out of office because they have denied their oath of office.

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This needs to be a federal law that applies to all 50 states.

Globalist police chiefs and sheriffs who have abandoned their first duty to protect and serve deserve to lose their jobs.

Cities and counties that place the interests of violent illegal alien felons above the interests of American citizens deserve to be hammered financially until they uphold the law.

Kate Steinle was murdered on a public pier San Francisco in 2015 by an illegal alien felon who had been deported eight times previously.

Her murderer was in San Francisco because he knew he was safe from being deported again if he was arrested there.

The mayor and the police chief of San Francisco — and of all sanctuary cities — deserve to automatically lose their jobs and their federal funds.

The attorneys and lawmakers who wrote the Texas bill say that all of the provisions in the law have already been tested in the courts.

The ACLU and other globalists can try to sue to block the law, but every single provision has already been tested and upheld in previous case law.

That’s why this bill will work at the federal level.

Here’s how you can help.

Many Members of the federal Texas congressional delegation are on the House Freedom Caucus.

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So we’re going to speak out to the Freedom Caucus and demand a federal version of the Texas sanctuary city ban.

You can go to our Action Page today and send Personal Letters to every member of the Freedom Caucus today using our intelligent GEMS system.

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