Charles Benninghoff: American Tax Laws Are Incomprehensible

US tax laws are so incomprehensible even IRS Commissioner himself has to hire a CPA yet crooks in Congress keep stalling tax reform to aid their fatcat donors. Patriots must demand that House Speaker Paul Ryan stop goofing off in Europe and worry more about the broken American tax system.

Ryan wants the contributions (we call them bribes) flowing hot and heavy even more than he wants tax relief for average Jack-and-Jill American taxpayers.

Paul Ryan was promising that a tax reform package would be passed in the House before August… but now he on his own has pushed tax reform back indefinitely!

Today I’ll be talking about the need for an overhaul of our tax code in America.

I’ll let you know what Paul Ryan and his elitist fatcat team are doing RIGHT NOW instead of working on tax cuts.

We are making a difference in preserving faith, family and flag in America and we would love to have you on our team.

A story on found that more than half of American adults received an ‘F’ on a quiz on basic tax laws.

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57% of taxpayers don’t know what a W-4 is.

59% didn’t know what the tax filing deadline was this year.

39% of Americans don’t know which tax bracket they’re in.

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin says that tax reform before August is, quote… “not realistic” end quote.

Mnuchin should be cracking the whip and working WITH Congress to make tax cuts a reality, but instead he is appeasing vested interests like Big Pharma, Goldman Sachs and other Fortune 500 companies that pay little-to-no corporate income taxes

And because of insane tax breaks those companies are allowed to squirrel disproportionate chunks of money away in foreign countries – collectively in the trillions of dollars – and PAY NO US INCOME TAX on those funds.

This is why these chump-change politicians are dragging their feet – they don’t want the now-endless supply of bribe money stopped.

Go to our Action Page today and start sending Personal Letters to Congress, starting with the House Ways and Means Committee.

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Demand that they get to work on drafting and passing the tax reforms that the American voters were promised.

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