Charles Benninghoff: Ann’s Law – Cut All Taxpayer Funding for Illegal Alien Sanctuary Cities!

Sanctuary cities that harbor illegal alien rapists and murderers rather than protect Americans first do not deserve American taxpayer funds or immunity from aggrieved citizens. Speak out in support of the Mobilizing Against Sanctuary Cities Act HR 83 at or as we like to call it, “Ann’s Law” in honor of patriot Ann Coulter! The bill is a good start but we can make it even stronger putting power in YOUR hands as an American citizen.

Today I’ll be talking about a piece of legislation called the “Mobilizing Against Sanctuary Cities Act” which is designated as HR 81 in the House of Representatives.

This bill provides a good start at reining in sanctuary cities that harbor illegal alien rapists and murderers… but I have some humble suggestions to make it even stronger.

And I also think we should rename it “Ann’s Law” – in favor of American patriot Ann Coulter who accurately predicted the number one issue that propelled President Donald Trump into the White House.

And that issue is the rampant illegal immigration that has driven down American wages, driven down our quality of life, stolen our jobs and our liberty and in far too many cases, destroyed the dreams of the American people.

75% of all federal drug trafficking prisoners are illegal aliens.

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In the city of Los Angeles, 95% of all outstanding warrants for homicides are for illegal aliens.

Stacked up over multiple years, that means that there are somewhere between 1,200 and 1,500 illegal alien murderers who have gotten away with the crime so far… just in one American city!

Between 2008 and 2014, illegal aliens accounted for 40% of all murder convictions in the state of Florida.

The federal government stopped tracking illegal alien crime rates when Obama became president, so listen to this.

Between 2003 and 2009 there were three million criminal offenses committed by illegal aliens, including 70,000 rapes and hundreds of thousands of other violent crimes.

I have links to all of those statistics on our Action Page today.

This is why we have to crack down on Sanctuary Cities.

Now… I need YOU to speak out and demand that Congress amend the act with our private right of action provisions and then pass it and send it to President Trump’s desk.

Go to our Action Page and speak out today.
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