Charles Benninghoff: Are Globalists Crashing US Economy in 2017 to Hurt Trump?

Globalist Billionaires like George Soros could manufacture another financial hit on America in early 2017 and blame the Trump administration! Trump supporters beware: George Soros is alleged to have manufactured the 2008 US currency crisis that helped elect Barack Obama – just as Soros crashed the British currency in 1992. American patriots must demand that Congress alter financial rules to stop Soros-style currency cheating at:

Will George Soros manufacture a financial crisis by manipulating the US dollar in early 2017 — just to damage President Trump?

I think there is a very real possibility that this will happen. In fact, the globalist currency cheater Soros has even hinted that he will do this.

This is why American patriots should speak out to Congress and demand immediate legal changes to the financial system to prevent a repeat of the 2008 financial crisis.

I’ll tell you how you can help avert this crisis and in turn help with the success of the incoming Trump administration, so stay tuned.

First, who is George Soros?

You’ve probably heard his name before, because he has an extremely notorious reputation.

He’s the guy that Breitbart News says gave at least $650,000.00 in cash to Black Lives Matter.

George Soros is a billionaire, a socialist, a true globalist who avidly seeks to destroy nations … AND a currency speculator.

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I believe that Soros manufactured the 2008 financial crisis in America to help Barack Obama win the election that year.

The Bush administration was blamed for that manufactured crisis when $550 billion US dollars was yanked out of the world’s money market.

The Federal Reserve Chairman at the time, Ben Bernanke, actually told Congress that if they didn’t pass the banker bailouts prior to the election, there would be martial law on the streets of America.

Our entire political and economic system would come to an end and America would start to look like one of the “Mad Max” post-apocalyptic movies is what Bernanke told American leaders.

John McCain left the campaign trail to run back to Washington, D.C. to vote on the banker bailouts.

The Bush administration was blamed for the phony crisis despite having nothing to do with it and Obama stole the election from McCain.

And believe it or not, that catastrophic financial event was NEVER investigated!

To this day, we don’t know who manipulated the US dollar on September of 2008 to cause that event.

The Obama administration never ordered an investigation, which is no surprise.

But we have a suspect because the 2008 crisis looks remarkably similar to Black Wednesday.

That was a 1992 event known to be caused in Great Britain by George Soros.

Black Wednesday… ask any English banker and they’ll immediately say “George Soros…”!

George Soros made a billion dollars in a single day and forced the British government to withdraw the Pound Sterling from the European Exchange.

Black Wednesday was a major financial catastrophe for England.

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George Soros made a ton of money by nearly crashing the entire British economy.

It was an event exactly like what happened in September 2008 here in America. Soros’ fingerprints are all over the 2008 crisis.

So please, go to our Action Page today and speak out to Congress, starting with the House Financial Services Committee.
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