Charles Benninghoff: Ban Flag Burning as a Hateful Act Intended to Incite Immediate Violence!

Donald Trump is right: Flag burning should carry a criminal penalty! Burning an American flag is not First Amendment protected free speech when done to incite anger or hatred – it amounts to “fighting words”. Tell Congress to check the idiotic liberal Supreme Court decision by passing a NEW Flag Desecration Act at:

Donald Trump stirred up a firestorm on Twitter once again by suggesting that flag burning should carry a criminal penalty.

But Mr. Trump also proved that patriotism still beats in the hearts of American men and women, and that the globalists have not been able to stamp out the fires of liberty yet.

Let me read the Tweet that the president-elect sent out last week. Quote…

“Nobody should be allowed to burn the American flag – if they do, there must be consequences – perhaps loss of citizenship or a year in jail!”

This caused the mainstream media and Clinton-supporting snowflakes across the country to run to their fainting couches like a bunch of Victorian sissy-boys.

And then the usual assortment of mentally deranged agitators ran out into the street and started burning American flags.

I’ve believed for many years that flag burning should be a crime and in fact, a majority of Americans feel the same way.

Flag desecration used to be illegal in every state in America back in 1932.
It was only during the social revolution of the 1960s that a tiny fringe of communist agitators decided to try to undermine our patriotism by challenging flag desecration laws.

As a result, some states began to scale back their flag desecration laws in the 1970s, which ultimately led to the idiotic Supreme Court decision in 1989 which declared that burning a flag was protected speech.

Well, I’m calling on Congress to reintroduce and pass the Flag Protection Act of 2005, which is a patriotic anti-flag burning bill written by two former Senators… Republican Bob Bennet from Utah… and a Democrat Senator from…

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Let’s see here…. What was her name again?

Oh, right! Senator Hillary Clinton from New York!

The bill is already written and when it was voted on in the Senate in 2005 it failed by only ONE vote!

I think we can bolster enough support to pass the Flag Protection Act this time around, and here’s why.

Most veterans are in fact offended and insulted by it — which is the intent of flag burning.

Torching an American flag is such a fringe idea that it barely even registers as a Google search term on the internet.

The Flag Protection Act as it was written in 2005 specifically addresses the fact that flag burning is an act of terrorism aimed at inciting immediate violence.

By the way, there’s a copy of the Flag Protection linked on our Action Page today so you can read it for yourself.

The Supreme Court ruled in 1989 in the Texas vs Johnson decision that flag burning is protected free speech.

So what? We’re supposed to have checks and balances in this country and the Supreme Court doesn’t get the final say on issues.

Historically, whenever the court makes a dumb decision like this one, Congress would simply tweak the law and send it back.

It’s really a very recent idea in America that Supreme Court gets the final say on an issue.

Prior to George W. Bush’s term in office, Congress used to “check” the Supreme Court all the time by rewriting legislation. This happened on a monthly basis a couple of years when Ronald Reagan was in office, as Congress and the Supreme Court played legal “ping pong.”

That’s what we’re asking Congress to do here.
First, it prohibits flag burning with the intent to breach the peace or incite immediate violence.

It prohibits flag burning with the intent to threaten or intimidate any group such as veterans or Christians, which the flag burners can’t seem to stop themselves from doing every time they manage to make the news.

And third, it prohibits stealing a US government flag or an individual’s flag on US lands for the purpose of destroying it.

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It carries a $100,000 fine and a year in jail, just as Donald Trump helpfully suggested on Twitter.

Start pressuring Congress to pass the Flag Protection Act so we can stop the flag burners from breaching the peace and inciting violence.

Go to our Action Page today and make your demands known.

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