Charles Benninghoff: Bust up Gobalist Ninth Circuit Appeals Court

Ninth Circuit Appeals Court is off-the-charts insanely filled with anti-American globalists seeking Trump’s destruction BUT HR 1598 will put it out of business.

Most of the states that are in the Ninth Circuit’s jurisdiction actually support breaking up this “circuit” and Republicans have talked about breaking it up for decades… but NOW it’s time to act.

Earlier this year, the circuit justices blocked President Trump’s temporary pause on immigration from the worst terrorism-spawning hotbeds in the world.

The court ruled that the Executive branch no longer has any authority over our nation’s immigration policies… so long as a Republican is in the White House.

The bill to bust up the court is HR 1598, known as the “Ninth Circuit Court Modernization Act” which was sponsored by Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX).

So today I’ll be talking about the many reasons why we should break up the Ninth Circuit.

Even if you’re not a big fan of President Trump, there are still many very good reasons to break this court up.

The Ninth Circuit tilts so far to the left that the Supreme Court has to reverse up to 80 percent of its decisions every year according to National Review.

Some of the Ninth Circuit’s rulings are so bad that even Obama’s Supreme Court Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan rule against them.

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The Ninth Circuit has 29 judges that represent California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Alaska, Arizona, Nevada, Hawaii and Guam.

In June of 2016 in the case of Peruta v. San Diego, a Ninth Circuit panel ruled 7 to 4 that the Second Amendment does not allow Americans to carry a concealed weapon.

How did the Ninth Circuit come to this decision?

The court cited a law from the King of England in the year 1299 that banned men from carrying swords in public!

The Ninth Circuit is so insane that it will search through laws from foreign countries from 700 years ago in order to try to establish a precedent against your God-given rights, fully supported by our Second Amendment.

HR 1598 would leave California as the sole jurisdiction of the Ninth Circuit.

The rest of the states and territories would be folded into a newly-created 12th Circuit Court of Appeals… so that the citizens of the other states are not held hostage by a group of globalist judges in San Francisco.

If you’re in Alaska or Montana or Arizona, there’s a good chance that your federal appeal will never be heard because there are literally tens of thousands of California cases that are lined up ahead of you.

So this plan lightens the caseload considerably for folks in all of the other states.

California will still be a mess until we get more conservative justices appointed to the court — hopefully soon.

But at least this plan would give some relief to all of the other states!

Go to our Action Page today and use our intelligent GEMS system to send Personal Letters to Congress.

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Congressman Gohmert’s bill to break up the Ninth Circuit is in the House Judiciary Committee, so that’s where our system will allow you to target your message.

Tell the Committee to pass this bill and break up the Ninth Circuit. Do it now!

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