Charles Benninghoff: Can George Soros be Charged with Economic Terrorism & Locked Up?

It is widely reported that Black Lives Matter has raked in $100 million from George Soros and Democrat PACs and has used that funding to commit terrorism against America. Is burning cop cars and looting the neighborhood electronics store free speech? We do NOT think so! We think it is a disruption of commerce and economic terrorism! Tell Congress to pass a new law declaring this economic terrorism and lock up Soros & others if they pay to terrorize Americans at:

A state senator from Washington has proposed a new bill and I like his idea so much that I wanted to mobilize patriots across the breadth of America to call for a federal version of his bill.

Senator Doug Erickson wants to classify some illegal protests as economic terrorism AND the bill specifically provides for monetary fines and jail time for anyone who pays for the protests.

The Senator specifically calls out George Soros as a person responsible for this societally disruptive and repressive criminal behavior.

How do you like that?

So today I’ll explain why Soros and other liberal money-men may have been financing economic terrorism against America.

I’ll also let you know how YOU can speak out Congress and call for a bill to label illegal protests as a crime and call for a huge fines PLUS jail time for anyone who pays economic terrorists to disrupt the economy in your city.

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It is reported by the Washington Times that George Soros has pumped $33 million into the Black Lives Matter group, which I’ll sometimes refer to as BLM for short.

Other contributors to BLM include the liberal Ford Foundation and the far-left Center for American Progress.

It thus appears that BLM has raked in more than $100 million over the past year from Soros and other leftwing donors.

And then Black Lives Matter turned around and spent that money to pay protesters to riot and commit acts of violence at Donald Trump rallies. That is also widely reported.

After Trump defeated Hillary Clinton — in spite of massive numbers of illegal aliens voting for Clinton — Black Lives Matter and other reported Soros-funded protesters rioted across the country.

They were burning cop cars, throwing bricks through store windows and causing millions of dollars in economic damages.

Donald Trump saw through this early on and called them out on it in March of this year, after violent paid protesters shut down his rally in Chicago.

Every American has a right to petition their government for a redress of grievances. You have a right to protest which is enshrined in the First Amendment.

People watching my videos on this channel petition the government every day through our Action Pages. It’s what we do!

But if you’re burning cop cars, punching strangers in the face and throwing a brick through the window of a Best Buy store so you can loot it for a new flat-screen TV — that is not free speech! It’s economic terrorism!

From the Ferguson riots in 2015 to the Trump rally protests this year, Black Lives Matter and other paid protesters have engaged in economic terrorism.

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Wealthy liberal donors paid money to these groups.

Go to our Action Page and tell Congress to support and pass a federal version of the bill to declare illegal protests an act of economic terrorism.

Let’s throw these wealthy communists in jail if they’re convicted of financing terrorism!
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