Charles Benninghoff: Chinese Communist Citizen Army Invasion

China’s Communist government shipping in pregnant women by tens of thousands to build a Communist-controlled citizen army to wage war against America. Just watch our video and learn at

This is a massive national security threat because the Communist Chinese government is now paying for tens of thousands of pregnant women to travel to America, drop a baby on US soil and then take the baby back to be educated as a dedicated, battle-hardened Chinese Communist soldier only to return to America years later as a part of an invading army.

Indeed, right now it is totally legal for those babies to grow up in Communist China, receive military training and Communist indoctrination, and then come right back to the United States at any time, no questions asked, because they are technically American citizens.

“The 14th amendment will not, of course, include persons born in the United States who are foreigners, or aliens, or who belong to the families of ambassadors, or foreign ministers accredited to the government of the United States, but will include every other class of person.”

The 14th amendment was never intended to include foreigners who just happen to be here!

Now let’s talk about the consequences of the anchor baby policy.

In spite of everything that the bleeding-heart globalists tell you on the news, three things happen automatically when an anchor baby is born.

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First, the parents and siblings of the baby are automatically shielded from deportation.

No parents of an American citizen are ever deported once they have an anchor baby.

I don’t care what argument the Democrats like to throw out but it simply does not happen.

So when 400,000 anchor babies are delivered every year, it means that 800,000 parents are automatically shielded from deportation.

Second, according to the Center for Immigration Studies, 71% of illegal alien parents apply for welfare benefits for that anchor baby before they leave the hospital.
The third thing that happens when an anchor baby is born is the parents leave the hospital with a birth certificate and they skip out on the $15,000 delivery bill for a normal birth without complications.

This costs American taxpayers $6 billion dollars per year.

Medicaid covers about $2 billion of the costs and the hospitals are forced to swallow the additional $4 billion in costs.

The “Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons” reports that between 1993 and 2005, California had 84 hospitals shut down in bankruptcy due to unpaid bills from illegal aliens — mainly anchor baby costs that the parents skipped out on.

The Los Angeles Times reports that California will lose another 10 percent of its hospitals by the year 2020 due to unpaid bills from the, quote “uninsured.”

I’ll give you one guess who the “uninsured” are!

At one hospital in North Carolina, the same Journal reports that 99% of the “uninsured” who were not paying their medical bills were illegal aliens.

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99 percent!
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