Charles Benninghoff: Confirm Gorsuch Nuclear Option FREEBI

Nuking Dem’s filibuster power is only way Justice Gorsuch, or any GOP future nominee, can be SCOTUS-approved so why hasn’t Mitch McConnell pulled the trigger? Use our FREEBI campaign to demand a Senate rule change and let Gorsuch fill Scalia’s vacant set!

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York says the Democrats will filibuster the confirmation vote for Neil Gorsuch, who President Trump has nominated to fill Justice Antonin Scalia’s vacant seat.

The confirmation vote for Justice Gorsuch is coming up sometime in the next few days and America needs your help to ensure that he is confirmed.

I’ll tell you about this so-called nuclear option today and I’ll also explain why the filibuster is a dumb rule that was imposed on the Senate by the Democrats – and which the Democrats change whenever it suits their purposes.

Senator Dick Durbin, a Democrat extreme globalist from Illinois, even told Gorsuch prior to the public hearings that he was basically going to accuse Gorsuch of sexism. Those weren’t the exact words that he used, but Durbin admitted this in the hearing!

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The original Senate rule in 1789 allowed debate to be shut off by a simple majority vote.

In 1917, the Democrats were in the majority in the Senate and they imposed a rule called “cloture” which required a two-thirds vote to shut off debate.

From 1917 until 1962, cloture was used only five times.

In 1975, the Democrat majority in the Senate decided that it was too difficult to reach a two-thirds vote, so they changed the rule again to require 60 votes to shut off debate.

Go to our Action Page today and you can send Personal Letters to the Senate Committee on Rules.

Tell them to invoke the nuclear option and do it now!

If you want to contact more Senators, you can do so for a small fee but your letters to the Rules Committee are totally free.

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