Charles Benninghoff: Congress Members Now Selling Ginzu Knives

Only American voters can stop Members of Congress from spending their days selling ginzu knives and their votes to special interest donors like George Soros. Indeed, members of Congress must be banned from spending 30 hours per week making fundraising calls instead of putting America first and getting the US out of debt. Representatives and Senators are begging for cash for the RNC and DNC when they should be working for America.

Every person who sees this video needs to go to our Action Page and speak out to Congress and force the Senators and Representatives to listen.

Just like a late-night TV huckster selling ginzu knives, our elected officials are calling willy-nilly potential donors and pitching them a hard-sell script.

Just like the ginzu knife huckster on late night TV.

Can’t you hear the pitch?

“For $100,000 we’ll do you a favor for this or that. Or, maybe we’ll select you to build a high-speed train like Senator Barbara Boxer’s husband got…”

Former Congressman Dave Jolly, a Republican from Florida, blew the whistle on this practice a year ago.

David Jolly lost his reelection bid in 2016 partly because he spoke out against this bribery scheme in Congress and the leadership fought hard against his re-election.

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A report in The Atlantic last year stated that the Republican Congressional Campaign Committee refused to provide any funding for Jolly’s reelection bid because of that appearance on 60 Minutes.

Former Congressman Jolly introduced a bill back in the 114th Congress that was called the “Stop Act”…

The bill prohibits the direct solicitation of funds by federal officeholders.

That means that a Representative or Senator cannot pick up the phone and call someone begging for cash.

They can still participate in all other fundraising activities, but this telemarketing nonsense would come to an immediate halt.

There is a new bill in the current Congress which is called the “Stop Act” but it is a completely different bill which deals with tariffs.

What we want to revive is the Stop Act from the previous Congress and rename it the ‘Drain the Swamp Act’.

The bill had 9 co-sponsors last year – five Republicans and four Democrats – so there is bipartisan support for it.

Congress is supposed to be working for the American people and not just to pay fatcat party officials and bigwig DC advertising firms.

If you want to see the swamp drained, now is the time to speak out.

Go to our Action Page today where you can use our patent-pending state of the art GEM System to send Personalized Letters to Congress.

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Demand that the Drain the Swamp Act be revived and passed.

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