Charles Benninghoff: Cut Federal Executive Pensions for Tax Relief

Taxpayers need relief as former President Barack Obama has a $65 million book deal & rakes in $400,000 per Wall Street speech and doesn’t need a federal pension.

Barack Obama has signed a $65 million book deal and is now raking in $400,000-per-speech on Wall Street.

In spite of his prodigious post-White House wealth, your tax dollars will pay Obama an additional $400,000 pension this year – and that pension will go up every year for the rest of Obama’s life.

Just a few weeks ago we spoke out to Congress and demanded answers related to the Garland, Texas terrorist attack from 2015.

It turns out that an undercover FBI agent encouraged the terrorists who attacked the “Draw Muhammad” contest and tried to kill conservative activists Pam Geller and Robert Spencer.

Not only that, but the agent followed the Muslim terrorists to the attack site and snapped a picture of police officers there… just moments before the Muslims opened fire.

Because our network of patriots demanded answers on this explosive information, the Senate Homeland Security Committee has opened an official investigation into that attack.

Dozens of Obama’s cabinet members are back at their old jobs at Goldman Sachs right now.

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But guess what?

You’re paying each of them pensions of $207,000 a year.

Why are we paying these “one percenters” pensions out of taxpayer funds?

Former Fast and Furious Attorney General Eric Holder is receiving a pension and yet he’s back on Wall Street at his old job and I guarantee his salary is more than that $207,000 pension.

If Obama or a former cabinet official goes out into the private sector and earns $10 bucks… their federal taxpayer-subsidized pension is reduced by $10 bucks.

So if Obama gives a speech for $400,000 on Wall Street, his federal pension is reduced to zero that year!

This is a plan that is fair to the taxpayers and former elected and appointed officials.

The pension is still there if they actually need it, but if they don’t, the taxpayers save money.

The House and Senate passed it but for some reason, Obama — who had probably already been in talks for his book deal — wanted to keep his pension and his new salary as a celebrity former president.

I’ll bet that the president in office now would sign this bill into law… but first we have to get Congress to pass our revised version which includes Cabinet members who run off to work for Goldman Sachs.

Go to our Action Page today and use our GEMS system to send Personal Letters directly to the House Oversight Committee.

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We have to speak out and demand that these bloated and unnecessary pensions be cut!

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