Charles Benninghoff: Defund the UN Refugee Program & Stop Terrorists at America’s Doorstep

Refugee resettlement in America is handled by the Muslim-dominated United Nations. The unvetted refugees flooding into America admit in candid, secretly-recorded talks: Muslims hate all Christians and are coming to the USA to destroy America by outbreeding all non-Muslims. Why are the taxpayers funding this? American patriots can demand that UN Refugee Resettlement be defunded at our Action Page:

Unvetted Syrian pseudo-refugees admit in private conversations that they are not fleeing the civil war in their home country.

They’re not crossing the ocean to come to America because they face persecution. The pseudo-refugees are coming to wage war.

The refugees have a specific plan that is being preached to them in every mosque:

Destroy America from within by outbreeding the non-believers.
I’ll be talking about that today and will let you know exactly why I am calling on Congress to defund the United Nations Refugee Resettlement Program completely.

The Republican Congress has agreed to our demands to pass a short-term stopgap budget that will only fund the government through March.

As we the people demanded, Congress will work with the Trump administration to set funding priorities instead of allowing Obama one final spending spree. You can watch my earlier videos on this channel to see how we executed that strategy successfully.

Now we’re getting down to the nitty-gritty.

What goes into the budget and what gets left out?

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Congress needs to cut all funding for the UN Refugee Resettlement Program now because this program is an existential threat to the United States.

And today I’ll tell you how you can get involved in this fight.

Did you realize that America gets no input on the types of refugees we bring in?

We can’t say ANYTHING!

The clique of Muslim nations who make these decisions are beyond America’s control.


That’s how the refugee program was designed and written by the Democrats under Jimmy Carter, the peanut farmer president who gave away the Panama Canal that is now in the hands of the Chinese Communists – another great Democrap Victory.

The United Nations runs the refugee program completely. It picks which refugees are to be resettled and what countries they go to.

The taxpayers pay for it and the President sends the UN a number.


And since the UN is now dominated by a 57-nation bloc of Muslim countries, known as the Organization for Islamic Cooperation or O-I-C, virtually all of the refugees sent to America are unvetted Muslims.

And we now have more proof that this program is not about being charitable to the world’s downtrodden.

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The refugee program is specifically bringing in young adult Muslim men who intend to destroy America from within.

This is why we’re calling on Congress to cut all funding for the Refugee Resettlement Program.

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