Charles Benninghoff: Donald Trump Victory Mandate to Renew Iran Sanctions Act

Patriots can kick off the Donald Trump revival of America: Demand that the Iran Sanctions Act be extended immediately! Make America great again by sinking Barack Obama’s dangerous Iran nuclear deal negotiated by the idiotic John Kerry who was totally duped by the Mad Mullahs from Tehran!

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The 114th Congress is in session for the last time.

The Republican majority has a chance now to kick off the Donald Trump revival of America by sinking the Iran nuclear deal.

After eight years with Barack Obama and his team of buffoons running things without a mandate from a majority of Americans, Congress has a mandate now and a clear direction.

It’s time to start unraveling the disasters that Obama has caused.

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One of the biggest foreign policy blunders in the past eight years was the Iran nuclear deal.

This deal that was negotiated unilaterally by Obama and the Castle Idiot , Secretary of State John Kerry, who is shown in today’s background image talking with one of his national inlaws – his daughter married into Islam… but we’ll talk about that more in a minute.

The Mad Mullahs in Tehran ran circles around the idiots on Obama’s foreign policy team – especially Kerry… in essence, even the Mad Mullahs figured out a way to Swift Boat Mr. Kerry.

Iran received billions of dollars in untraceable cash, as well as the ability to start testing ballistic missiles and eventually to build nuclear weapons.

In exchange, America received… nothing!

Well, America doesn’t have to wait for Donald Trump to be sworn in this January before Congress starts following his advice.

We can sink the Iran nuclear deal before any more damage is done if American patriots like you and I can convince Congress to renew the Iran Sanctions Act.

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