Charles Benninghoff: Drudge Report DDOS Hack Attack Smart Refrigerators of Doom

The Drudge Report was shut down twice (once for 90 minutes) by a Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attack that used “smart” appliances that are the new citizens of the “Internet of Things”. This proves that American patriots must demand new cyber-security measures at before our own appliances are turned into instruments of doom. The “internet of things” puts us all at risk and we have to fight back!

The largest conservative news site in the world – the Drudge Report – has been taken offline twice in the past week by cyber attacks.

A lot of security experts are calling this a wakeup call and I hope that it’s a wakeup call to YOU.

As Americans are purchasing and demanding more and more “smart” gadgets that are connected to the internet, the internet itself is becoming less secure and safe and that makes YOUR home less secure and safe, as well.

And as the attacks on the Drudge Report prove, even your refrigerator can now be turned into an instrument of doom.

I know it sounds funny but I’m very serious and Congress needs to start taking this issue much more seriously.

I pray that our network of patriot activists will take action and call on Congress right now to pass new legislation that will protect the internet from these new and emerging threats and today I’ll let you know how you can get involved in this fight.

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But first, what happened to the Drudge Report?

On December 30th, Matt Drudge says his site was knocked offline for 90 minutes.

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I personally witnessed this happen as I check Drudge daily for news.

Drudge also says it happened again on January 3rd.

Again, I can verify this as I was unable to reach The Drudge Report.

Drudge says this was the largest attack on his website in its 21-year history and he suspects that it originated from the federal government.

His site was shut down by what is known as a Distributed Denial of Service or D-Dos attack.

Thousands of different internet-connected devices started “pinging” the Drudge Report at the same time.

This clogged up the pathways to the Drudge Report so that legitimate users could not log onto the site.

You might think it’s not a big deal. This was just one website and it was only taken offline for a short period of time.

But cyber security experts claim that America could be in store for much larger cyber attacks in 2017 that could in fact knock the entire internet offline for 24 hours or more.

That could cause stock market crashes around the globe. You might not be able to purchase anything unless you have cash for it.

That in itself would cause major financial and economic problems for everyone.

Here is an even more frightening thought.

Suppose that a group of Obama’s unvetted pseudo-refugees sets off a dirty bomb in a major metropolitan area… and then they shut down all the traffic lights for 20 minutes.

A group of terrorists could cause mass casualties and chaos and the instrument that they could use to accomplish it… is your refrigerator!

We now have an unprecedented number of products and appliances in our homes that are connected to the internet.

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This is known as the “Internet of Things.”

I can remember a time when refrigerators functioned without having to use a WiFi connection, believe it or not!

If ever there was a time when we need new legislation to protect the public interest, this is it.

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