Charles Benninghoff: Eliminate the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms #ATF

#MAGA Make America Great Again by abolishing outdated, defunct and duplicative federal agencies. First target — Operation Fast and Furious #ATF which sells guns to drug cartels causing thousands of innocent deaths and sets up gun sting operations near SCHOOLS. Tell Congress to abolish the ATF and fold the leftovers into the #FBI and #DEA at

If we want to #Make America Great Again that means we need major government reforms.

We demand a federal government that works FOR the people instead of against us, and a SMALLER government.

That means we’re going to have to show some ‘tough love’ and say goodbye to some federal agencies and departments that are outdated or just plain worthless.

The agency at the top of the list is the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, more commonly known as the #ATF.

The current head of the ATF is a man named Thomas Brandon, who was brought in to supposedly “clean up” the agency in the wake of a scandal known as #Fast and Furious, which I’ll talk about today.

Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner from Wisconsin has a plan to abolish this outdated and redundant agency.

Sensenbrenner wants to get rid of the worthless parts of the ATF and fold the useful agents and duties into the FBI and the Drug Enforcement Agency.

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I say, to keep any of these #ATF goons they will have to pass a loyalty test and prove they had no contact with Fast & Furious in any way, shape or form.

Sensenbrenner’s bill is HR 509 and I’ll tell you all about it today, and I hope you will be fired up enough to tell Congress to support this bill and finally scrap this antiquated horse-and-buggy agency that actively fights against your #Second Amendment rights.

In 2009, the ATF finally arrested the notorious moonshiner “Popcorn” Sutton in Tennessee.

Sutton was charged with brewing 300 gallons of moonshine, so based on current alcohol taxes, the federal government “lost” about $1,500 in tax revenue due to Popcorn’s illegal moonshining operation.

In order to catch him, the ATF spent hundreds of investigative man-hours, vast amounts of gasoline, they used sophisticated computer programs and flew drones and airplanes over the woods to locate his moonshining still.

So how much did that cost the taxpayers?

It must have been in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, all to recover $1,500 in tax revenue.
But that’s not even close to being the worst of the crimes committed against the American people by the ATF.

The ATF is the only federal agency I’m aware of that will trick a mentally ill citizen into buying a gun from an undercover agent… and then turn around and arrest the citizen for being a mentally ill person in possession of the gun the #ATF just caused to be sold.

Of course, the ATF is best known by Americans these days for the Fast and Furious scandal in which Barack #Obama, former Attorney General Eric Holder and the Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona ATF offices sold guns to murderous Mexican drug cartels.
Congressman Sensenbrenner’s HR 509 splits the duties of the ATF up into other agencies that are already doing similar or redundant things.

The FBI would handle gun crimes, arson and domestic terrorism.

The DEA would handle alcohol and tobacco smuggling, what little there is.

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And the bill finally sends the A-T-F to the ash-heap of history where it belongs.

It won’t be easy convincing Congress to kill off a federal agency, even one as outdated and worthless as the ATF.

But I think we can do it with your help.
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