Charles Benninghoff: Facebook’s CEO Zuckerberg Targets America-First Patriots as “Fake News”

Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg is now labeling conservative news sites as “fake news” and vows censorship crackdown. We’ll beat them at their own game! They want to pretend the internet is a “public utility” like water, sewer and electricity – great! Shove their own regulation down their throat, demand that Congress bust them up under antitrust laws at:

America’s culture war has come flying back, front-and-center. Bill O’Reilly gets to feel right at home once again.

That’s because the globalist cartels are doing everything in their considerable power to ensure that our First Amendment Freedom of Speech is a non-existent right.

Plus, these socialist forces which include Facebook and Google, and other social media sites all want to make sure that Americans never have access to conservative news sources….

Like ME.

Dedicated socialists like Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg blame Hillary Clinton’s landslide loss on conservative news sources — which he is now calling “fake news.”

In other words, conservative media outlets lied to the voters about Hillary Clinton’s brain disorder and health problems, they lied to you about Hillary’s pay-to-play scheme at the State Department, they lied to you about Hillary’s efforts to start World War 3 with Russia and so on.

If your access to information was restricted to dutiful and responsible socialist media sources like MSNBC, ABC, CBS and CNN, then Hillary Clinton would have been elected. At least — that’s the narrative that Zuckerberg wants you to believe.

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So Zuckerberg and his cabal of fellow lefties now plan to shut down conservative sites on the internet.

We haven’t seen any movement recently in Congress on our efforts to deregulate the internet.

So in the meantime, we plan to shove their own internet regulation right back down their throats and use it against them.

If the socialists in power during the Obama regime want to treat the internet as a public utility, and that is exactly what the lefties did when the FEC by regulation declared the internet to be the same thing as a public utility – then we’ll demand that Congress treat it as a public utility — which means that Facebook needs to shut down and busted up under American antitrust laws just like Ma Bell was busted up decades ago.

Some people will try to argue that Facebook is a private company and therefore it can censor anyone it wants to.

Not according to the FEC as Facebook has incredible market power and as a public utility has to treat everyone equally.

After all, Ma Bell was also a private company. It was acting like Facebook is now and the Attorney General’s office came in and broke it into separate companies.

Not according to the platform rules that the socialists want us to play by.

Facebook has almost a billion users that rely on it on a daily basis and the FEC claims the internet is a public utility.

Therefore, Facebook has a duty to provide the same services to everyone.

We didn’t make these rules up — the socialists did, and we plan to beat them over the head with these rules!

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The L.A. Times, US News, USA Today, and CNN have all published a list that they claim is full of fake news sites that lied to you to help elect Donald Trump.

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