Charles Benninghoff: FBI Assassination Attempt on Pamela Geller

FBI Director James Comey must be prosecuted as his undercover agent encouraged jihadi terrorists to assassinate conservative activist Pam Geller in Garland, TX. Comey’s false flag tactics are getting people killed and we the people must demand that he be removed from power.

An undercover FBI agent working under James Comey appears to have incited a terrorist attack on US soil and not only that, but the agent was actually at the scene of the attack and fled the scene right after the two muslim terrorists jumped out of their car and started shooting at Geller and Spencer.

The muslim terrorists of Al Qaeda and the Islamic State – otherwise known as ISIS or ISIL – put out a warning that if anyone draws the prophet Mohamud, Muslims would come and kill them just like they did the journalists and artists at Charlie Hebdo.

As they were headed to the Draw Mohamud art contest, the FBI agent texted them to say, “Tear up Texas” – clearly inciting these two muslim terrorists as they were on their way to the attack.

But what was unknown until the affidavit against the ISIS recruiter, Hendricks, was recently unsealed — was that the undercover FBI agent was in a car directly behind the terrorists at the scene of the attack.

The undercover FBI agent told the terrorists to “Tear up Texas” and not only that, it turns out he was in a car directly behind them and actively encouraging them to carry out the assassination of Geller and Spencer.

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In 2010, the FBI admitted that it gave defective bombs to the Portland Christmas Tree bomber, the Wrigley Field bomber and several others.

It turns out that the wildlife refuge that the militia had occupied was actually crawling with FBI agents who were participating in the crime!

During the trial it came out that the man running and operating the shooting range for the militia members was a Swiss army ‘Psy Ops’ expert – a foreign agent employed by the FBI. That was reported in the Oregonian.

Comey’s FBI agents opened fire, provoking the State Troopers to kill Finicum — and then covered up the fact that they fired their weapons. And then they vanished after leaving fake names with the local police.

The Oregon shooting is being investigated by prosecutors and local and state police.

But the Garland events are not being investigated. We need to demand Comey’s actions and instructions to his agents be investigated and prosecuted.

Go to our Action Page today where you can send Personal Letters to Congress, starting with the House Judiciary Committee.

Congress needs to open an immediate investigation in how James Comey is running the FBI. The House and Senate should be pressuring the Justice Department to look into this assassination attempt on Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer.

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  1. Dale Coolbaugh

    On Apr 7, 2017

    FIRE COMEY !!!!!!!

  2. Eric Dean

    On Apr 7, 2017

    Mr Comey has way to much unlawful action
    occurring under his tenure. He needs to be relieved and
    all allegations investigated. Another issue is his brother’s
    connection to Hillary Clinton. Comeys brother a
    Aircraft manufacturer executive, facilitated through Hillary
    aircraft sales to the Egyptian Govt when it was under
    The Muslim Brotherhood.
    The Bureau has been out of control under his watch.

  3. william

    On Apr 7, 2017

    Prosecute FBI Comey.

  4. Terry

    On Apr 8, 2017

    Comey should be investigated and relieved of duty until proved guilty or innocent

  5. Richard Lugo

    On Apr 10, 2017

    Prosecute Comey.