Charles Benninghoff: Fed Fatcats Enslaved Pilots Quitting Now

Corrupt Federal Fatcats’ Hidden Secret Wasteful Military Flights Compel Warrior Pilots to Flee Then Join Airlines to Escape Enslavement. American Patriots must demand that Federal Fatcat Military Air Travel be eliminated so our best & brightest Air Force pilots are not cuckolded into enslavement to entitled deep state bureaucrats.

The Air Force is now more than 1,500 pilots short of what it needs and is talking about imposing a “stop loss” — meaning pilots would be forced to serve in the military longer than their agreed-upon service commitment — in order to keep more planes in the air.

That is what the Air Force is forced to say… keep more plains in the air with the “understood implication meaning more military readiness” in the air.

But the truth here is so far away and replaced by an incredible, undeniable, unbelievable fiction that only a dot doctor like me can come up with a solution so bold and so revolutionary.

The ever-growing ( I prefer to call it ever-creeping ) federal fatcat mentality and bureaucracy is like the caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland, just smoking its dope, getting fatter and fatter and more delusionary in estimating its significance.

Imagine signing up to a multi-year obligation to serve America by flying highly dangerous airplanes prone to crash or, heaven forbid, being shot at by bullets, ground missiles and air-to-air missiles.

House Speaker Paul Ryan’s recent Obamacare bailout bill, known as RyanCare, was defeated because American patriots just like you spoke out 50-to-1 against the bill.

Trump was for it… indeed, Trump’s executioner Bannon called on GOP leadership to write up a hit list of all Republicans who voted against RyanCare so they could be swiftly dispatched.

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The Air Force maintains a fleet of VIP jets that are exclusively used to ferry around federal bureaucrats and Members of Congress.

According to Time Magazine, the C-32 VIP planes in the Air Force, which are used to taxi around Cabinet officials, the Vice President, Members of Congress and their staff members, cost $43,000 per HOUR to keep in the air.

All records of transportation costs on Air Force VIP flights for Congress are kept secret, as well as the passenger manifests and weekly travel reports.

These are known as CODEL flights, which is short for “congressional delegation” flights.

Members of Congress, their spouses and their staff members get to travel free on Air Force VIP planes to destinations around the world and the cost of those flights is kept totally secret according to USA Today.

This is a national security issue because if the Air Force can’t keep enough pilots in the service to keep our planes in the air and combat-ready, it puts our entire nation in danger.

Not to mention the fact that this is just a national embarrassment.

No wonder our Air Force pilots are quitting early so they can go to the private sector.

Go to our Action Page today where you can use our patent-pending GEMS technology to send Personal Letters directly to the House Armed Services Committee.

Tell them to eliminate Air Force VIP flights for federal bureaucrats.

Plus, demand that Air Force flights for Members of Congress only be reserved for military purposes… no more trips to France on a Senator’s wedding anniversary.

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Cabinet members and other officials should be flying commercial whenever possible because our patriots and warriors in the Air Force are quitting in disgust over being forced to serve as taxi drivers for people who have never worn a uniform!

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