Charles Benninghoff: Federal Immigration Union Fraudsters are Robbing America Blind!

Federal union immigration fraudsters are housing captured illegal aliens in hotels and paying for airline tickets to fly illegals to the sanctuary city of their choice. Meanwhile, Border Patrol agents don’t have vehicles to drive to make arrests because their budget is wasted on “perks” for the same union fraudsters. You can use our Action Page at to send Personalized Letters immediately and tell Congress to FIRE these thieving fraudsters who should be protecting our borders instead of splurging taxpayer money on themselves.

If you believe as I do that America should actually have borders and enforce them — like most other countries on earth do — then stay tuned.

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Today I’m going to talk about the rampant waste and fraud going on in the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency – known as ICE.

And then I’ll tell you how you can help us stir up some trouble with Congress on this issue.

Federal bureaucrats at ICE are ripping off taxpayers by robbing America blind.

We are demanding that these bureaucrats be fired and replaced so we can start the difficult work of securing our borders and save the taxpayers millions in the process.

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