Charles Benninghoff: Feds Promote Islam Over Christianity

Due to Muslim Brotherhood infiltration US Department of Education now funds fundamentalist Islamism praying in public schools while all other faiths are EXCLUDED. The Department of Education must cut funding for this Islamic indoctrination OR provide equal access for all faiths. Help fund our equality for Christians effort through this campaign.

Access Islam is a curriculum plan being used in public schools that teaches students in grades 4 through 12.

It is an extremely directed, highly laudatory curriculum that entirely omits anything negative like rampant Islamic terrorism around the world.

Students learn how to convert to Islam, how to pray to Mecca, Islamic holidays like Ramadan, the “Hajj” pilgrimage to Mecca and the Five Pillars of Islam.

Students are also taught that Muslims are oppressed by “European colonial domination.”

But nothing is mentioned about Islam’s role in the international slave trade, Muslim domination of minorities, the misogynistic treatment of women and girls, terrorism, hatred of Jews and Christians, Muhammad’s multiple wives or any other truthful subject.

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What do you suppose would happen if you walked into a public school and said, “Here is my curriculum for 4th graders which teaches that Jesus is the only path to heaven?”

As we all know, an army of rabid, anti-Christian ACLU lawyers would come running to sue the pants off of the school district for violating the First Amendment.

The ACLU has been silent about “Access Islam” being taught in the schools and funded by the taxpayers, of course.

If the Muslims want to provide their curriculum in the public schools that is perfectly fine… but let the Christians, Hindus, Buddhists and anyone else who wants in on the action to do the same all at government taxpayer cost.

Christianity is, after all, the bedrock faith that created America and I would eagerly hold it up to compare and contrast it with Islam any day of the week.

Now, when you support this campaign today, I hope you’ll give over and above the cost of sending your Personal Letters to Congress.

We need additional funding to promote the video on Facebook and here on YouTube in order to grow our network of patriotic, freedom-loving Christians.

This will also allow us to bring awareness to the fact that Christian students are now treated as second-class citizens in the schools while Muslim students in many school districts and even in some publicly-funded universities are given foot baths, exclusive prayer rooms, qurans and prayer rugs.

So please contribute to this campaign. It’s for a good cause and I promise the church, Pray For US, will put the money to very good use.

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