Charles Benninghoff: Fire Ryan for Grossly Unamerican Acts

As shown by Paul Ryan’s long history of Un-American conduct such as zealously promoting the Trans-Pacific Partnership he will never support Trump’s agenda. Patriots must demand a new Speaker and fire Paul Ryan otherwise nothing will get done in President Trump’s first two years in office, followed by losing the House Majority.

We’ll take a look at what some of those voices are saying today and I’ll also tell you how we successfully booted former globalist House Speaker John Boehner out of office… and how you can help us do the same thing once again to Paul Ryan.

Check out our previous videos on reasons to fire Paul Ryan HERE:

We have drafted a Privileged Motion to Vacate the Speaker’s Chair and we need your help to ensure that sponsors in the house come forward and support it.

If you want to see Nancy Pelosi become the Speaker of the House in 2018 then by all means continue to give Paul Ryan the benefit of the doubt as he undermines the Trump agenda at every step for the next two years.

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I’ve also called for him to be removed for his Islamo-mania, by which he blocks all efforts to reduce the number of wild-eyed terrorist pseudo-refugees from Syria, claiming that such protective measures are, quote, “not our values.”

Allowing in unvetted Syrians who may be terrorists may (and I believe are) Ryan’s values but this is not an example of American values.

Paul Ryan is either incompetent or he is working against the conservative movement and I think his track record shows that he clearly is a globalist and there cannot be considered to be an American because Americans believe in our national sovereignty – something Ryan wants to give away to the UN, the TPP mechanism and literally any other global entity that promotes the false mantra of global warming or internationalism.

A senior GOP Senate aide tells Breitbart News, quote… “How can President Donald Trump trust Speaker Paul Ryan in the future after this failure? If he couldn’t deliver on something so simple as repealing Obamacare, will he be able to deliver on complex pieces of legislation?”

If Boehner had not resigned, he would have been voted out under a “Privileged Motion” in the House which was submitted by Congressman Mark Meadows — the current chairman of the House Freedom Caucus.

Go to our Action Page and start sending Personal Letters to Congress.

Tell the Members to support our new privileged motion to vacate the Speaker’s chair and FIRE Paul Ryan.

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