Charles Benninghoff: Foreign Aid Ripoff Delivers Hundreds of Billions to Countries that Hate Us!

Congress plans to dole out another $37 billion in foreign aid in FY 2017. This amounts to cash welfare and guns for rich foreign dictators who hate America! Our inner cities can be rebuilt, our decaying bridges and highway case anew, even the reviled federal death tax, could be eliminated with cash left over if we stopped giving our tax money away to our enemies! Tell Congress to cut foreign aid right now at:

Congress is just about ready to vote on a stopgap funding bill that will keep the lights on in Washington, D.C. As our followers so diligently fought, Congress gave up on funding Obama’s full year’s budget.

So, we won that battle, but apparently Congress has not been listening to the advice of Donald Trump.

If you think back to the primary debates when President-elect Trump was demolishing globalist candidates like Jeb Bush and John Kasich, one of things he said was that the United States has to stop being “the STUPID country run by very stupid people”.

The United States government’s foreign aid program is absolutely stupid and it is run by stupid people.

America has given away hundreds of billions, if not trillions, of dollars over the years to foreign countries that absolutely hate us.

And now Congress is about to appropriate another $38 billion for foreign assistance next year.

We need to speak out right now and demand that this stupid program finally be brought to an end.

Let’s look at the top 10 countries that hate America according to Gallup polling:

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1. Pakistan
2. Palestinian Territories
3. Algeria
4. Lebanon
5. Egypt
6. Iran
7. Iraq
8. Yemen
9. Greece
10. Serbia

It’s like that old tune by The Beatles, “Can’t Buy Me Love.”

This is proof that free money only buys you contempt.

80-percent of the people in Pakistan hate America.

But Pakistan is scheduled to receive $803 million dollars from us next year. Some years Pakistan receives well over a Billion – that’s billion with a B!

Number two is the Palestinians who get $442 million a year.

Number three: Algeria, $2.5 million.

Number four: Lebanon, $205 million.

Number five: Egypt, $1.5 BILLION.

Number six: Iran. We don’t even know the total amount of money that the Obama administration has given to Iran but it is in the billions in untraceable cash.

Number seven: Iraq, $355 million per year.

Number eight: Yemen, $114 million.

Number nine: Greece, $200-thousand.

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Number ten: Serbia, $18 million.

That’s well over $4 billion a year to the top ten countries where the vast majority of the citizens hate America, according to Gallup polling.

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