Charles Benninghoff: Free Campaign to Deport Criminal Aliens

Freebi: Brian Babin R-TX must strengthen HR 82 “Criminal Alien Deportation Enforcement Act” by stopping flights from US to that country.


What happens when an alien serves a prison sentence for a serious crime in America?

It seems like a simple question, because federal law mandates that if an alien commits a crime so serious that they go to prison for it, they are to be automatically deported when their time is served.

That’s not happening.

Hundreds of thousands of criminal aliens convicted of serious crimes are being turned loose in America instead of deporting them.

The reason why is because their home countries refuse to take the aliens back.

President Donald Trump has said he wants to make this a priority.

Republican Congressman Brian Babin of Texas has introduced a bill to try to force countries to take back their foreign nationals.

The bill is HR 82, the Criminal Alien Deportation Enforcement Act.

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This bill is a good start, but I think it must be tougher.

Babin said, “There’s 15 to 20 countries refusing to take them back and they’re roaming the streets”…

Now, don’t be confused what streets are being roamed – because it is the streets in AMERICA that are being roamed by these illegal alien crooks.

Here’s the perfect example of this…

An illegal alien from Haiti named ‘Jean Jacques’ was convicted of murder in Connecticut in 2001.

He got out of prison in 2016.

The Department of Homeland Security put him on a flight THREE TIMES to send him back to Haiti and each time, the Haitian government refused to repatriate the guy.

Last year he murdered another woman in Connecticut and now the criminal alien is back in prison here in the United States.

This happens over and over again.

Kate Steinle in the sanctuary city of San Francisco is another example.

HR 82 cuts off all foreign aid to the nation refusing to take back these criminals.

Plus, the bill cancels travel visas from that country until its government complies.

As I mentioned, that is a good start but it’s not strong enough.

First of all, foreign aid or “foreign assistance” as it’s called now, is one of the biggest annual ripoffs in the budget.

I predict that as a totally separate issue, America will drastically reduce “foreign aid” in the near term anyway.

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Why stop at refusing to issue travel visas from countries that won’t take these criminal aliens back?

Stop all travel completely, meaning ground their flights and don’t let their ships dock at American ports.

None of their airlines can land in the USA and their trade goods can float around doing circles out in the ocean on a ship until they take these criminal aliens back!

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