Charles Benninghoff: Globalist Paul Ryan Bill Guts Social Security to Pay Illegal Aliens Benefits

A bill proposed by globalist GOP leaders will gut social security. Americans will be forced to work until age 69 under HR 6489 to fund illegal aliens’ benefits! If Congress really wanted to fix social security all it would take is effort to kick the illegals off the system! You can speak out against this globalist “fix” on our Action Page at Tell Congress to dump HR 6489 – the Social Security for illegals bill.

The Republican leadership has submitted a bill called the Social Security Reform Act of 2016 BUT THE ONLY THING BEING REFORMED IS THEIR OWN AGENDA DESPITE THE FACT THAT TRUMP WON THE ELECTION.

The bill is designated as HR 6489 in the House.

Today I’ll tell you why this is a terrible bill, why it won’t fix social security and why every taxpaying American patriot needs to speak out demand that Congress abandon this plan immediately.

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According to Bipartisan Report dot-com… this is a new bill that was just introduced in the House and I have a copy of HR 6489 posted on our Action Page today.

If the bill becomes law, workers who pay LESS money into the system will receive more in social security retirement benefits. Workers who pay more will receive a lower benefit payment.

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Sounds kind of like Obamacare, doesn’t it?

Next, the bill will force you to work until age 69 before you can retire.

You used to be able to draw benefits at 62, but under HR 6489 they’re going to raise the retirement age to 69.

This is why you younger folks need to speak out on this issue, because if things stay on the same track, you’ll be working until age 75 so that a 30-year-old illegal alien who has never paid a dime will surely eventually draw full social security disability benefits without ever having worked a day.

This bill completely erases the cost of living adjustment for the millions of American retirees, meaning your benefits which are already being lowered, will not see any future increase due to rampant, run-away inflation caused by government overspending.

Your social security benefits will simply erode under inflation until you starve to death.

Our system is setup right now so you can send Personalized Letters to every Member of Congress, starting with the House Ways & Means Committee.

I really hope that younger Americans will speak out on this issue.

Trust me, if we let Congress continue down this path, younger American workers will get HAMMERED when they’re ready to start thinking about retirement.

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So go to our Action Page today where you can read a copy of this sham social security bill and speak out to Congress.

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