Charles Benninghoff: Impeach Anti-American IRS Chief

Under leadership of Commissioner Koskinen the IRS continues to deny tax-exempt status to Christian conservatives even while fast-tracking a kid’s Satan Club.

The IRS under the leadership of Commissioner John Koskinen continues to deny tax-exempt status to Christian and conservative groups.

The guy was put in charge of the Internal Revenue Service to clean up the mess after Lois Lerner was caught running an operation to deny tax exempt status to every group that was opposed to Obama’s agenda.

First, let’s talk about this After School Satan Club.

Breitbart News reports that this Satan Club at Point Defiance Elementary School in Tacoma applied for tax-exempt status on October 21st, 2014.


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The IRS approved the club’s request on October 31st, 2014 – just 10 days later.

When Barack Obama’s brother Malik Obama set up a phony 501c3 charity in 2011, which he used to build a personal mosque and hotel in Kenya, it took the IRS 33 days to approve his tax exempt status.

And that was after Lois Lerner personally signed off on the paperwork.

The Supreme Court has ruled that the government cannot discriminate against groups based on the viewpoint of their speech.

Christian groups wait for years for tax exempt status only to be denied by the IRS.

Here is what the articles of impeachment against Koskinen said last year.

Article one… Koskinen had IRS employees magnetically erase 24,000 Lois Lerner emails after receiving a congressional subpoena.

Article two… Koskinen lied to Congress three separate times in his testimony while under oath.

Article three… Koskinen repeatedly violated his promise to a Senate committee to be open and transparent about the investigation.

Article four… Koskinen failed to act with competence in the investigation of the IRS targeting scandal.

Go to our Action Page today and start sending Personal Letters to Congress, starting with the House Oversight Committee.

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Demand that the Articles of Impeachment against John Koskinen be refiled and then Congress must follow through, boot Koskinen out of office and strip away his government pension.

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