Charles Benninghoff: Impeach IRS Commissioner Koskinen Who Is Still Targeting Americans

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen just denied the Albuquerque Tea Party nonprofit status after 6 YEARS of delay. Obama’s brother Malik Obama – an international terrorist war criminal according to the Egyptian Supreme Court – received nonprofit status in just 24 hours! Obama’s IRS targeting scheme hatched by anti-American bigot Lois Lerner never ended. American patriots must demand that Congress impeach the IRS chief at:

It’s business as usual at the Obama IRS — meaning the IRS is still illegally punishing Obama’s political opponents.

We’re calling for the impeachment of IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, the Obama lackey who was brought in to cover up the IRS targeting operations directed at Christian, Tea Party and conservative nonprofit groups.

Some people think it’s too late, the election is over and we should just wait until Barack Obama and his team of bandits ride off into the sunset.

Most of the Democrat operatives at the IRS have kept their jobs and they will continue to get away with the illegal targeting of conservative groups as long as “we the people” sit quietly.

We have to send a message to the crooks in D.C. that “we the people” are behind Donald Trump and we are going to work together to drain the swamp.

That means we need to put tremendous pressure on Congress right now and demand an impeachment vote for the IRS Commissioner.

In July 2016, Congressman Jason Chaffetz and the House Oversight Committee Republicans filed four Articles of Impeachment against John Koskinen.

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Article one states that Koskinen failed to turn over all of Lois Lerner’s emails which were under subpoena from Congress.

While those emails were under subpoena, Koskinen sent the backup tapes of 24,000 Lois Lerner emails to a secure location and had IRS agents magnetically erase all of them.

Hillary Clinton should have asked the IRS for advice on deleting emails, because their methods were much more effective than Bleach-Bit.

Article two states that Koskinen made multiple false statements under oath to Congress, which is perjury.

Article three states that John Koskinen broke the promise that he made during his Senate confirmation hearings to be open and transparent about the investigation into the IRS targeting scheme.

Remember, Koskinen was nominated to run the IRS after the agents got caught.

He broke his promise to be open and transparent with Congress. He lied under oath again.

Article four basically states that Koskinen is incompetent.

After years of delays in producing the Lois Lerner emails, a different agency found 1,000 of her emails after investigating for just 15 days.

Start sending Personalized Letters to Congress in support of impeaching IRS Commissioner John Koskinen.

You can do that from our Action Page today at

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