Charles Benninghoff: Jail All Trump White House Leakers

Democrat traitors in the White House & Pentagon are trying to destroy President Trump by spying on & leaking all phone calls to antagonistic media. Demand a 35-year prison sentence for all treasonous leakers at


The Trump White House and the Pentagon have some major leaks and it is putting our country at risk.

A big part of the reason why it puts us at risk is because the treasonous media is taking leaked phone calls made to the President of the United States and publishing the contents of those phone calls because they think they can hide behind the First Amendment.

As for the “leakers,” they know that even if they get caught, prosecuted and convicted, an Obama-appointed leftwing judge might let them off with a slap on the wrist.

The leaks coming out of the Trump White House are treasonous, folks, and we have to stop it.

But it won’t stop until there is a REAL penalty for this type of espionage.

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Civilian leakers need to be treated just like military leakers and that way, they know it will be a life-altering penalty if they steal recordings of the President’s phone calls and run to the New York Times.

You might think that leaking classified information is taken seriously, but you would be wrong.

Here are some of the most high-profile leakers during Obama’s time in office.

– Former CIA Director and General David Petraeus. He received two years’ probation and a $100,000 fine.
– Thomas Drake at the NSA. He received one year of probation and 240 hours of community service for exceeding unauthorized access of a classified computer.
– Stephen Kim, an arms expert at the State Department. He got 13 months in prison for sharing a classified report on North Korea with a Fox News reporter.
– Former CIA officer John Kirakou disclosed the identity of an undercover CIA agent and the judge gave him only two years in prison.

So as you can see, drunk drivers get stiffer jail sentences than a lot of people who commit acts of espionage and spying for the enemy.

The military still takes leaking classified information much more seriously, and that is a good thing.

If you remember Bradley Manning the Army private who leaked classified military secrets to WikiLeaks… well, the judge threw him in prison for 35 years.

If it weren’t for Barack Obama’s unhealthy fascination with transgendered men, Manning would have stayed in prison for most of his adult life.

Bradley Manning decided to put on a dress and call himself a girl and, well, Barack Obama couldn’t resist that siren song, so he pardoned Bradley.

If the leakers in the White House and the Pentagon were facing 35 years in prison for recording President Trump’s phone calls, I’ll bet they would think twice before running to the New York Times.

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That is how we need to change the law.

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