Charles Benninghoff: Lame Duck Congress should fund no more than 3 months then GO HOME

Congress should follow the will of the people: No last-minute lame duck spending spree to fund Obama’s unvetted refugees. Join the patriots demanding a 60-day budget to fund the government through January and then let President-elect Donald Trump steer the ship! See details on our action Page at
The 2016 lame duck session of Congress is under way.

The federal government is out of money and Congress is supposed to pass a budget before it retires for Christmas.

The ISSUE is: what kind of budget, how long is the funding period, what is included, and DOES Trump’s mandate … if you will… trump Obama’s wretched efforts to flood America with even more unvetted potentially terrorist refugees?

If we don’t speak out, Obama may prevail and our streets will begin looking like Paris where filth, excrement and shoddy cardboard huts crown virtually every corner, where French police dare not go except in forces of 100 or more officers, and where Christians are harassed, attacked, raped and killed.

That means that unless we speak out, Congress could go on a last-minute spending spree for Barack Obama to fund the government through ALL of 2017.

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Part of the reason why the American people elected Donald Trump in a landslide is because we’re sick and tired of Obama’s anti-American, anti-Christian spending priorities.

We’re close to $20 trillion in debt if you look at the official numbers and it’s even worse if you look at the unfunded mandates.

At least half of this was run up by Obama alone, funding crazy-stupid frauds like billions in cash to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and hundreds of billions in cash to the Mad Mullahs in Tehran.

So we want Congress to just go to work and pass a short-term spending bill.

Just fund the government through February and then go home!

Let Donald Trump and the new Congress steer the ship next year, instead of letting Barack Obama raid the Treasury one last time at taxpayer expense.

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