Charles Benninghoff: #LameDuck Obama Hammers America with Midnight #ExecutiveOrders

Obama the #LameDuck is about to regulate coal miners out of their jobs, regulate your kitchen stove into a worthless solar oven, and regulate your kids’ school into a low-income dump! Tell Mitch McConnell to get off his lazy duff at and rescue America from Obama’s last-second executive order spree. Speak out in favor of the Midnight Rules Relief Act!

The #House has passed the Midnight Rules Relief Act which is designated as HR 21.

This is a bill that will make it much, much easier for the new Congress and the Trump administration to send Obama’s regulations straight to hell.

But over in the #Senate, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell must be watching the paint dry in his office — because NOTHING is being done to take a bite out of Obama’s regulations.

Today I’ll let you know about a string of new regulations that “King Obama” is about to hammer America with and I hope that this message will get you fired up enough to send a message to Mitch McConnell and the Senate Republicans… and tell them to pass the Midnight Rules Relief Act.

So what does #dictator Obama have in store for us this week?

Let’s take a look.

First up is Obama and Crooked Hillary’s revenge against the coal miners.

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Obama is about to have the Occupational Safety and Health Organization — OSHA — reduce the amount of beryllium a worker can be exposed to in an 8-hour work day by 10 times.

This won’t just affect coal miners, though. It will also hit workers in the fields of ceramics, foundry and smelting operations, and even dental lab technicians.

OSHA estimates that it will cost companies an average of $37 to $39 MILLION per year to comply with this new rule, meaning that companies will either have to lay off workers or push those massive cost increases on to YOU.
Next up is Obama’s regulatory revenge against schools.
Obama has a new regulation from the Department of Education that’s about to go into effect by the end of this week… in which the federal government will direct how all state and local education dollars have to be redistributed.

You can fire your local school board because the feds are going to tell your local schools how and where to spend your local tax dollars.

Listen to this.

There are 6,000 school districts in America in which some schools are doing well and some are doing poorly.

This is “unfair” in the eyes of a communist like Obama.

So rather than impose incentives for failing schools to get better, Obama will have the Department of Education steal money from the better schools and redistribute that wealth to poor schools.
Next, Obama is about to do the same thing to all kitchen stoves that has already been done to our hot water heaters, our toilets, our lawn mowers, our refrigerators and other appliances.

A new midnight rule that’s about to go into effect will impose new environmental standards on all kitchen stoves so that they won’t heat up the environment too much.

In order for an animal to be Certified Organic under a new rule from Obama, the animal has to be raised in a pen that’s big enough to allow it to turn around and “not touch another animal.”

That will work for beef and maybe chickens, but the pork growers of America say this rule will force them to build new stalls and barns for pigs — because pigs LIKE to cuddle up against one another, unlike cows.

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So the cost of organic pork will go up for everyone at the store, all because Obama and his federal regulators have never spent a day on a farm in their lives and don’t have a clue that different animals behave differently.

Go to our Action Page today and tell the Senate to pass the Midnight Rules Relief Act!
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