Charles Benninghoff: Lyin’ Paul Ryan Promises a Vote on Pork Barrel Bribery Earmark Spending

House Speaker Lyin’ Paul Ryan promises to bring congressional pork barrel fraud EARMARKS up for a vote. When will these politicians learn? Voice your disgust with earmarks to Congress through our Action Page at and help America keep the congressional earmark ban in place!

The online congressional newspaper known as “The Hill” reports that House Speaker Paul Ryan has promised a vote on whether to bring congressional earmarks back from the dead.

When will these politicians learn?

Tea Partiers and other conservative American patriots need to spring into action once again and tell the House GOP to leave the congressional earmark BAN in place.

Otherwise Paul Ryan and his big-government, globalist allies in Congress will try to go on another spending spree with your tax dollars to erase the fiscal responsibility that the Trump administration has promised to impose.

Today we’ll explain what an earmark is and let you know how you can get involved in the fight to keep the earmark ban in place.

An earmark is a project added to a congressional spending bill, usually as an amendment, that directs your tax dollars to be spent on a specific project.

Earmarks are almost always a vote-buying scheme. Earmarks are fraud, embezzlement, cheating and felonious thievery on the part of elected officials.

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Earmarks were banned in 2010 after the Tea Party gave Republicans control of the House of Representatives for the first time in decades.

Maybe Paul Ryan believes that the American people have forgotten about the out-of-control insanity that took place when earmarks were commonplace.

But some of us have not forgotten and we’re not going to let people forget about how earmarks contributed to running up a national debt that is now somewhere north of $20 TRILLION dollars.

We dug up a clip from Fox News that aired more than eight years ago when Congress was at the height of its ear-marking insanity.

Paul Ryan has promised a vote on a congressional rule change to bring back earmarks and remember… this was a bipartisan problem in Congress.

Republicans and Democrats alike were attaching earmarks to every appropriations bill they could, in order to keep federal tax dollars flowing to individual state projects.

This is waste, fraud and abuse of the American people and if we want to stop earmarks from making a comeback, we need to speak out.

Go to our Action Page today where you can send Personalized Letters to the House GOP and tell them to vote NO on the plan to revive earmarks.

Don’t forget — this vote will be on an internal rule change in the House of Representatives.

Donald Trump cannot veto it.

So “we the people” have to stop this by voicing our disgust with congressional earmarks.

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Please speak out today because Paul Ryan has promised a vote on earmarks.


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