Charles Benninghoff: Lying Paul Ryan Trying to Bring Back Pork Barrel Politics with earmarks

Lying Paul Ryan conniving to bring back pork barrel politics: $20 trillion will soon be $40 trillion under the Mad Mullah from Madison’s house leadership. Come together, American Patriots, and call for Ryan’s ouster on our action page at:

Three members of the House GOP leadership have submitted an amendment to the House rules to revive congressional earmarks.

What is an earmark? We haven’t heard that term used in a few years.

An earmark is a project added to a congressional spending bill, usually as an amendment, that directs your tax dollars to be spent on a specific project.

Earmarks are almost always a vote-buying scheme. Earmarks are fraud, embezzlement, cheating and felonious thievery on the part of elected officials.

There is NOTHING good about earmarks.

Earmarks are used solely as hush money, bribe money and to stuff under the mattresses of elected officials.

Members of Congress used to go home and brag to their constituents about all of the federal taxpayer money that they had diverted to their district.

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While that may have been great in your individual district, everyone in Congress was going nuts with earmarks.

Some politicians just can’t resist the temptation to spend your money to help themselves get reelected.

We have to nip this earmark problem in the bud and we have to do it quickly.

The House GOP will vote on this amendment this week. And because it is a House rule change being voted on for the next Congress, Donald Trump won’t be able to veto it.

We the people have to stop it by demanding that the rank-and-file Republicans vote against this amendment.
Part of the reason why the Tea Party movement sprang into existence during the Bush administration was because of earmarks and pork barrel spending.

Corrupt politicians like Paul Ryan hope that in the short 8-year period that America has forgotten how crooked earmarks really are.

It seems quaint or old-fashioned now that Obama has run the national debt up to $20 trillion, but earmarks were a serious problem.

Representatives and Senators were out of control naming bridges and post offices and other infrastructure projects after themselves.

These were always vote-buying schemes.

In 2005 at the height of the earmark frenzy, there were 14,000 individual earmarks added to appropriations bills.

14,000 earmarks. Let’s see… how many earmarks did each house member and each senator get?

Each one of them got more than 35 pork barrel spending projects from earmarks.

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Everyone in Congress said they hated earmarks — just not their own earmarks!


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