Charles Benninghoff: Muslim Brotherhood Spy Now In Pentagon?

Obama’s far left “Muslim Brotherhood Stooge” and lifelong Clinton crony Anne Patterson now tapped for Asst. Sec. Defense. Tell the Senate NOT to confirm her at

Secretary of Defense James Mattis has selected a Muslim Brotherhood plant to serve as his Undersecretary of Defense for Policy at the Pentagon.


(Note: Anne Patterson is mistakenly referred to as Anne Richardson a couple of times in the video. We regret this error. The sole individual referenced in the video is intended to be Anne Patterson and no one else.)

Anne Patterson is a career foreign service officer from the state of Arkansas — the Clintons home state!

Here’s a shot of her next to Hillary Clinton at a meeting in Pakistan – they almost look like twins.

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Patterson was first appointed as the US Ambassador to El Salvador by Bill Clinton in 1997.

She served in several other ambassador posts and the George W. Bush administration kept her around as well, appointing Patterson and the US Ambassador to the United Nations in 2005.

Patterson was on the ground in Egypt for the “Arab Spring” uprising in which the Muslim Brotherhood, with the help of the Obama administration, overthrew the Mubarak’s government of Egypt.

The Muslim Brotherhood then started burning Coptic Christian churches down and murdering Christians in the streets and the Muslim Brotherhood even gunned down Christian children outside of their schools.

After the Muslim Brotherhood was thrown out of power and the dust finally settled, a member of the Egyptian Parliament said that Anne Patterson was, quote… “A member of the sleeper cells of the Muslim Brotherhood.”

So that is Anne Patterson, the Muslim Brotherhood’s Stooge, who could become the fourth most powerful person at the Pentagon if we don’t block her nomination.

So I’m calling on everyone who watches this video to go to our Action Page and start sending Personalized Letters to the US Senate opposing Anne Patterson for Undersecretary of Defense.

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