Charles Benninghoff: NAFTA Sets Up USA for Chinese Invasion

Communist China is encircling America through trade deals with Mexico and Canada and NAFTA’s open borders will allow a 5-million man Chinese military invasion. Anchor babies must be stopped and NAFTA must be suspended and all trucks entering US from Canada and Mexico must be inspected for cargo including Chinese smuggled weapons and troops.

According to Zero Hedge, China is in free trade talks with Canada right now and seeking a NEW trade deal to bring its own Chinese workers there to fill jobs the Chinese Communist government itself is building INSIDE Canada.

If Canada agrees to this, the Chinese will be able to set up shop along our northern border and staff those shops with Chinese soldiers, air pilots, marines, and bring in millions of tons of military hardware including guns, ammunition, missiles, jet fighters and electronic equipment.

Communist China still has compulsory military service for all of its men, so every male Chinese worker will have completed basic training and at least one year of military service. Indeed, this is a radical threat far, far worse than Pearl Harbor ever was.

This is why it is so imperative that we support House Resolution 132 to direct the President to immediately renegotiate NAFTA.

NPR reports that 80% of trucks now entering America receive NO INSPECTION AT ALL at the border!

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So now a Mexican truck can cross our southern border and travel anywhere else in the US… and the cargo may never be inspected!

But, really, the inspection in my scenario today would not be an issue. Communist China would build a Northern Army, an invasive “domestic” army of anchor babies in West Coast states all armed to the teeth and a Southern Army inside graft-ridden and America-hating Mexico.

So you have a quarter of a million anchor babies who are now armed sleeper cell soldiers, a couple of million soldiers come in from the north, a couple of million from the south and before you know it the entire West Coast is completely overrun.

For more on the anchor baby threat, see HERE:

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Tell the members of the House Ways and Means Committee to support House Resolution 132 which directs the President to renegotiate NAFTA.

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