Charles Benninghoff: Nancy Pelosi’s Witch Hunt “Ethics Watchdog” Targets GOP Reps for Extinction

Nancy Pelosi’s Democrat-controlled witch-hunting “ethics” group targets GOP Representatives with false smears costing hundreds of thousands in legal fees. This Democrat waste, fraud and corruption has conducted 71 investigations since 2008 with ZERO convictions! Help drain the swamp by reining in Pelosi’s Gestapo at

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, established her own personal Gestapo back in 2008 and that group is still operating in Washington, D.C. today.

The group is known as the “Office of Congressional Ethics” and it is supposedly an outside watchdog group that assists the House Ethics Committee.

This office is in fact a witch-hunting group that mainly targets the most conservative Members of Congress for ethics investigations, as well as Democrats who try to stray off of Pelosi’s reservation.

Today I’ll tell you about a conservative plan to rein this group in and how you can help make that happen.

The track record of the group is horrendous — wait until you hear the statistics.

Out of 71 investigations conducted since 2008, Pelosi’s Office of Congressional Ethics doesn’t have a single conviction to its name.

Members of Congress — mostly Republicans by about a two-to-one margin — have spent millions of dollars in legal fees to defend themselves against false charges from Pelosi’s group.

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Talk about Democrat waste, fraud and abuse!

71 investigations and a zero percent success rate.

Only a federal department can chalk up a record like that at taxpayer expense and the Democrats will still try to justify its existence!

But first, let me explain what has happened so far.

The House Republicans voted in conference 119-74 in support of a resolution to rename Pelosi’s Gestapo group and to move the group under the oversight of the House Ethics Committee.

This Resolution was part of a package of House Rules amendments that was voted on and passed by a majority of Republicans. The rules package still has to go to full House for approval.

The GOP voted in favor of the rule change on Monday, January 2nd.

But the very next day, after complaints from Democrats and the media, the GOP leadership surrendered and stripped the rule change out of the rules package.

One negative headline from the New York Times was all it took to make House Speaker Paul Ryan cower under his desk and go against the Republican conference which voted in favor of this rule change.

I think this rule change is incredibly compelling and it needs to be added back into the Rules package.

Members of Congress are forced to pay their own attorney fees to defend themselves against false accusations based on anonymous verbal tips to Pelosi’s group. This is outrageous and violates the due process rights of Members of Congress.

If Pelosi’s group had a single conviction to its name it might be worth keeping this office open.

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Since it has a zero percent conviction rate, it’s time for a change!


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