Charles Benninghoff: NATO Freeloaders Owe America Trillions

NATO’s European member nations have been ripping off America for 25 years by promising to contribute 2% of GDP but never paying so it is time to force them. During this time America has been forced to make HUGE trillion dollar payments just to keep NATO afloat.

And yet no one in Congress is talking about defunding NATO or demanding that Europe pay us back for defending its numerous countries with American blood, sweat, tears and boots on the ground.

But according to the Washington Post, communication lines at the House were SHUT DOWN by people opposing Paul Ryan’s bill by an overall margin of 50-to-1.

So don’t just watch the videos on my channel and get mad at Congress… Take action!

The European Union Commission hates the Brexit decision by the British people, because the EU relies on Britain’s economy to help keep its leadership stocked in big Mercedes Benz autos and caviar.

So Jean-Claude Juncker started mouthing off because President Trump has praised Brexit.

NATO was formed in 1949 as a defense treaty group between the United States, Canada and the nations of Western Europe.

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Today NATO’s 29 member nations includes many small Eastern European countries.

NATO’s sole purpose in organizing was to defend against the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics or USSR – the communist empire that broke apart and collapsed in 1992.

In 2014, all the countries of NATO pledged to pay 2-percent of their Gross Domestic Product for defense spending in NATO.

As you can see, the United States and Estonia were the only two countries that met that target in 2015.

Canada, Italy and the Netherlands paid NOTHING to NATO.

I cannot understand Canada, Italy and the Netherlands paying nothing. These three now socialist nations should be condemned for not honoring their agreements and either put on a payment plan or kicked out of NATO.

Likewise, Great Britain, Germany and France failed to meet that 2% threshold in spite of having the largest economies in Europe and promising numerous times to live up to their 2% obligation.

But the American taxpayers — well, we DOUBLED UP, paying 3.6% of our GDP to defend the European Union.

To put that into perspective, America spent $585 billion on NATO defense in 2015 according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette… and our own defense budget here at home was $597 billion that same year.

Go to our Action Page today and start sending Personal Letters to Congress, starting with the House Committee on Armed Services.

Tell them we want to see legislation immediately drafted to demand that the nations of Europe pay the United States back for 25 years’ worth of defense spending.

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And demand economic sanctions if any nation of Europe refuses to pay for its own defense.

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