Charles Benninghoff: New Paul Ryan Border Tax Destroys USA

House Leader Paul Ryan’s new Border Tax gives multinational corporations a 20% advantage over small & mid-size American businesses and will kill American jobs. Watch to learn how to defeat Ryan’s BAT tax scheme.

Some critics of the plan even say that the BAT tax is a way for Paul Ryan to impose some of the worst aspects of the Transpacific Partnership on American markets – by giving unfair export advantages to Ryan’s multinational corporate donors over America’s small businesses.

The GOP’s Tax Reform Plan bill is probably locked up in a secret room in the capitol so no one can look at it until Paul Ryan is ready to try to ram it through the House – just like he did with his fake Obamacare repeal bill.

The GOP leadership is floating a flat 20-percent GLOBAL border adjustment tax that applies to every nation, whether they are a good trading partner with the USA or a bad trading partner.

One of the critics of this plan who says it is comparable to the now-dead Trans-Pacific Partnership is Paul Nehlen, the Wisconsin businessman who ran against Paul Ryan in the Republican primary last year.

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Communist China on the other hand sold America $41 billion worth of goods in January, but only bought $10 billion in goods from us – a $31 billion dollar trade deficit.

On top of that, China regularly manipulates its currency to cheat America even further in our trade relationship – which costs Americans jobs and money.

Paul Ryan doesn’t care if you lose your job because of this economic war, because he receives the bulk of his campaign contributions from the multinational corporations that are pushing this American version of a global BAT tax — and remember — the multinationals will get a 20-percent rebate under Ryan’s deal.

Congress needs to know that the American people are not fooled by gimmicks like Ryan’s version of the BAT tax that will help multinational corporations crush ‘Mom and Pop’ businesses in mainstream America.

We need a rolling tariff system that rewards America’s friends and punishes America’s enemies — not a BAT tax that punishes our friends, destroys American businesses and benefits our enemies like China.

You can send that message to the House Ways and Means Committee today.

Just go to our Action Page where our system is set up so you can immediately send Personalized Letters to Congress in opposition to the BAT tax plan that Paul Ryan’s team has proposed.

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