Charles Benninghoff: Obama & Hillary Filled Top CIA Jobs with Terrorists

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, a Democrat from Hawaii just introduced the “Stop Arming Terrorists Act” that will stop the federal government from running guns to Al Qaeda and ISIS as Obama and the CIA have done for 8 years. Obama appointed Muslim Brotherhood operatives at the highest levels of the CIA to do this as PROVEN by Gabbard’s bill which states the CIA armed terrorists to kill Christians in Egypt, Libya and Syria. Demand action at:

A Democrat Congresswoman has introduced a bill called the “Stop Arming Terrorists Act.”

It’s a great bill and we need to pressure Congress to pass it immediately.

I only wish that Congress had listened to me and our network of American patriots and passed a bill like this six or seven years ago because it would have prevented a lot of human misery across the entire planet and right here in the USA saving at least 500,000 lives and stopped cities like Aleppo and Damascus from being turned into piles of rubble.

The media will have a tough time calling this “fake news” or “Russian propaganda” because this time, the confirmation that worldwide CIA operations are being run by Muslim Brotherhood terrorist appointees, courtesy of Obama, comes directly from a Democrat.

Hillary Clinton helped Obama do this because she is a globalist. Christianity is a mortal enemy of globalism and the United Nations, so Crooked Hillary was more than happy to help Obama carry this out.

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Plus, she got rich by doing it!

This is also why 99% of all of the pseudo refugees being brought into the country are Sunni Muslims.

Absolutely no Christians are allowed into America through the UN Refugee Resettlement Program.

And as I’ve pointed out previously, the official policy of the State Department is currently to allow no Christians from Iraq or Syria into the United States.

In addition, the Obama administration — through the CIA — was paying a $600 per head recruiting bonus to ISIS for every Muslim fighter that the terrorists could sign up to send to Syria to kill Christians.

That was reported by the New York Times and the link is on our Action Page.

Your tax dollars at work, thanks to the Muslim Brotherhood operatives who Obama appointed at the CIA!

Congresswoman Gabbard is absolutely correct.

The Stop Arming Terrorists Act has not been assigned a bill number yet, but we’ve posted all of the information about it that’s available so far from Representative Gabbard’s office.

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And if you’re nervous about supporting a bill from a Democrat, I can reassure you that Congressman Dana Rohrbacher – Republican from California – is a co-sponsor of the bill.

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