Charles Benninghoff: Obamacare Destroyed By InterState Insurance

FREE MARKET SOLUTIONS of Permitting ALL Health Insurance Companies to sell policies nationwide will reduce costs by 75% and wipe out any need for Obamacare. See

This is our last chance to repeal Obamacare and rescue our country from Barack Obama’s great health care unionization scheme that is crippling family and business budgets all across America.

And now, this is our last chance to kill the Obamacare bailout because its next stop is the House Budget Committee.

Ryan’s bill still has an individual mandate… but instead of paying a tax to the government, you pay a penalty to the insurance companies.

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Ryan’s bill repeals some of the Obamacare taxes but keeps some of the worst taxes in place.

And Ryan’s bill does not repeal any of the insurance regulations that forbid you from shopping for a cheaper policy in another state, which drives insurance costs through the ceiling.

We need to flip just four conservative votes on the Budget Committee and then Paul Ryan’s bill will be sunk.

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