Charles Benninghoff: Obama’s UN Climate Liar Fraud Will Cost Trillions if we Don’t Shut it Down NOW!

Congress will continue funding Obama’s UN global warming hoax treaty known as the “Paris Accord” unless American patriots speak out! Obama’s deal with the UN climate liars is a wealth redistribution fraud to benefit horrendous socialist pollution countries like Communist China and India. Tell Congress to defund the UN’s Fraudulent Climate Fund in the stopgap budget HERE:

Congress is about to cut another big fat check to the United Nations climate liars, in spite of major headlines this month which prove once again beyond any shadow of a doubt that global warming is a hoax!

Barack Obama signed the up America for the Paris Accord one year ago, which is an international wealth redistribution treaty involving almost every country on earth.

If you want to talk about a massive waste of your money, courtesy of the Democrats and the Republican RINO leadership in Congress that just can’t say “No” to Obama, the Paris Accord global warming ripoff is one of the best examples.

Today I’ll break the numbers down for you and let you know how you can fight back against the climate liars.

We’re not just going to rub their noses in the scientific truth… we’re going directly after their funding sources and hopefully with your help, we’re going to shut them down!

Congress has agreed to our plan to pass a short-term stopgap budget.

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They’re only going to fund the government at current levels through March and then let the Donald Trump administration take over, which is exactly what we asked them to do.

Obama doesn’t get his last big spending spree with your tax dollars!

But… if Congress funds everything at the current level, that means the UN’s Fraudulent Climate Fund will receive another $3 billion dollars.

Your tax dollars that are going to this UN fund are specifically earmarked to kick off the Paris Accord.

$3 billion sounds like chump change today, but the cost of this global warming treaty are expected to skyrocket to $2 TRILLION per year in the next 15 years, with the bulk of that money coming directly from the American taxpayers. TWO TRILLION DOLLARS!

This is a line item in the budget and Congress should strike through it and refuse to send the UN climate liars another dime of your money.

Why do I call them Climate Liars? Because they are!

These totalitarian global warming nuts, led by Fat Al Gore, Scurrilous George Soros and Imam Barack Obama, lie to the people on a daily basis.

Yet if anyone points out real scientific evidence which proves Climate Change is a fraud, that person is labeled a “climate skeptic” or a “climate change denier.”

So I call them Climate Liars.

We need your help today.

Image of Pray for US Pray for the United States Contribution Frame Image

Congress is in session and ironing out the stopgap budget. You need to tell them to cut those funds immediately!

You can do that from our Action Page today. Go there and follow the instructions, it’s very simple.
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