Charles Benninghoff: Police Chief Control Act Will Decimate Globalists and Destroy Sanctuary Cities

The Police Chief Control Act will lead to the arrest of all command-level law enforcement officers who are protecting aliens! By refusing to uphold clear federal law, these perverse police chiefs endanger all Americans and place all Americans in indentured servitude – slavery – to support welfare payments to non-American foreigners AND as well, support the Globalist dreams of these cops who want the UN to control America. Give these cops NO BAIL and a minimum mandatory prison sentences of up to 20 years upon conviction! Demand America First Justice at:

Every single American is victimized by so-called Sanctuary Cities, whether he, or she, knows it or not.

The police chiefs and sheriffs who protect illegal aliens from federal deportation are actually committing multiple crimes.

Today I want to propose a new federal-level strategy to bring these perverse police chiefs under control – let’s call it the “Police Chief Control Act” PCCA for short – which calls for the arrest and imprisonment of every command level law enforcement officer such as a police chief or county sheriff, who is currently breaking the law by making his jurisdiction a safe zone for illegal aliens AND who refuses after fair warning to comply with our federal laws.

We’ll just refer to this whole cabal as the Perverse Police Chiefs.

The massive and unknown number of illegal aliens inside the United States actually hurt us all.

It’s been proven that they drive down wages for all Americans.

Thus, they take away the jobs our youth and inner-city residents should have.

Illegals are a massive drain on welfare services and the citizen taxpayers are on the hook to pay for that. This effectively makes you a SLAVE who has to pay taxes to provide housing, medical care, education, food stamps and more for a person who should not be in the country in the first place.

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The list goes on and on…

Not many Americans have probably heard of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, or the IACP for short.

It sounds like just another public sector labor union BUT… what most people don’t realize is the the IACP has worked hand-in-hand with the United Nations since at least 1999.

The IACP which most of the police chiefs in America belong to, is a globalist UN organization.

Every year since 1999, America’s perverse police chiefs who are members of the IACP have been attending international conferences in foreign countries. Not many here in the US. Just foreign venues.

You have to ask yourself why.

Have you ever wondered why the Transpacific partnership meetings, the global warming treaty meetings, the United Nations Small Arms Treaty meetings, and all of these other meetings take place in foreign countries?

Because the globalists such as our own perverse police chiefs don’t want you to find out what they’re up to!

So the IACP which virtually every sanctuary city police chief belongs to, in my opinion, has been co-opted and taken over by the globalists who support open borders and the destruction of the US Constitution.

THAT is why sanctuary cities exist in America, even though sanctuary cities are illegal, which I’ll explain in a moment.

First, there is the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996.

In plain English, the law declares Sanctuary Cities are illegal.

Police chiefs and sheriffs cannot, by law, prevent their employees from turning over the immigration status of a suspect to ICE.
Let’s call for Congress to appoint a special counsel to start enforcing the law against the police chiefs and sheriffs who are unlawfully harboring illegal aliens.

These arrogant and criminal sheriffs and chiefs are a stain on all legitimate law enforcement officers.

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Many of them are doubling down and claiming that they plan to defy the federal government when Donald Trump is sworn in.

If you don’t live in California or New Jersey or one of the other states that are notorious for sanctuary cities, you might think that this issue doesn’t affect you.

But it does, and you need to speak out.

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