Charles Benninghoff: Prep Yourself For US Civil War 2.0

UC Berkeley riots & Milo protest is a prelude to Soros’ Civil War in USA. Demand that Congress speak out and ACT to crush globalist-funded destruction of America at


Membership in Congress has its perks, and police protection is one of them as you could see in the previous video of Congressman McClintock being escorted to safety.

That’s certainly more than can be said for the victims who were attacked by globalists at the University of California – Berkeley campus a few days ago when conservative speaker Milo Yiannopoulos tried to deliver a pro-Trump speech on campus.

The police in Berkeley stood by and watched as globalists in black masks clubbed members of the public in the head with sticks.

The thugs knocked people to the ground, surrounded them and kicked them into unconsciousness.

Men and women were pepper sprayed and beaten, a large number of people went to the hospital with concussions and other injuries.

Thousands of windows were broken, ATM machines were smashed and fires were set all across the city.

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And this was all done because everyday Americans paid to go watch a young man deliver a speech about his love of America.

The police in Berkeley stood back and watched as globalists ran amok and assaulted everyday American citizens.

Anyone who still believes that bipartisanship or compromise with the left is possible needs to start wearing a safety helmet when they go outdoors.

There is no more ideological compromise possible. The divide between globalists and freedom-loving Americans has NEVER been wider in the history of our nation.

I cannot state it more plainly than this: Civil war is coming to America again unless we put these monsters on the left in check.

Firing these corrupt and globalist police chiefs and sheriffs is not enough.

They need to be prosecuted and conservatives in Congress need to lead the charge in calling for arrests.

They should be organizing martial arts camps for conservative youths across America. We’ll call them “Freedom of Speech” camps.

Congress should be censuring any Representative or Senator who praises and encourages these terrorists.

Instead, some Republicans in Congress are prepping and stocking up survival gear and planning their exit strategies so they can get away from these mobs.

There is no compromising with the globalists. We’re going to lose our country if we don’t start speaking out and acting out, folks!

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