Charles Benninghoff: Senate Federal Budget Betrayal Will Let Obama Have One Last Spending Spree

Senate betrays America by refusing to pass a short-term budget and allow the victorious Donald Trump administration to set 2017 spending priorities. Barack Obama’s time is up but his best buddy Sen. Mitch McConnell wants to give him one last spending spree to see if the debt can hit $22 TRILLION. You can demand that the Senate follow the will of the people and not Obama at our Action Page:

Just last week I told you about a conservative plan to pass a short-term budget that only funds the government for a few months.

The House after our urging – and that of other patriotic Americans – agreed to limit it to 3 months.

This would deny Barack Obama his last spending spree and allow the incoming Donald Trump administration to set spending priorities for 2017.

Tens of thousands of Personalized Letters and phone calls were sent to congressional offices — and we won!

The House caved in to that grassroots pressure and agreed to pass a short-term bill that funds the government through March.

This was a huge turnaround from the typical congressional surrender to Obama that we’ve seen over the past eight years.

And remember, Barack Obama’s 2017 budget request was a staggering $4 TRILLION dollars!

If you thought last year’s $1.1 trillion continuing resolution was a monster — Obama quadrupled his request for next year.

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So that’s how you come up with a four trillion-dollar budget.

Unemployment insurance for all of the Americans you’ve driven out of work… and a big fat check to the United Nations to give the climate liars taxpayer money.

Everything Obama said in that statement was a lie, as usual.

Smart savings on health care. Wow! How has that been working out for America the past few years?

The House has said no and agreed to chop Obama off at the knees with a stopgap budget.

But in spite of that victory, the Senate Republicans are ready to sell us out — again!

When will these people learn?

Obama has increased the national debt by $14 trillion over the last eight years because the majority Republicans have been too cowardly to use the power of the purse to stop him.

As I have noted numerous times, is it possible that Mitch McConnell has been around Washington DC so many years that only the Lord knows what mens’ room the Democrats caught him in and have been holding over this head all these years.

To me – other than being blackmailed for such conduct – there is no other explanation for McConnell selling out America year-after-year.

So, we convinced the House Republicans to finally start acting like an opposition party to the Democrats, but the Senate is refusing to listen to the people who put them in power.

We plan to do the same thing to the Senate that we did with the House.

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I’ll explain how you can help with this effort and I’ll tell you how you can put the brakes on the Obama administration’s runaway spending, coming up…


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